Lease help - wait or pull trigger?

Hello Hackrs,

I currently have 5 payments remaining on my 2016 Highlander and will be under miles by the time it goes back (curretly 34k miles on a 45k mile lease). I am starting to weigh my options for my new car. Right now I’m liking the Accord 2.0T Sport. I like the Kia Stinger (either base, premium, or GT) as well, but I think it will be too expensive. On Honda’s site the numbers come out to $406 with nothing down. What do you guys think would be a realistic monthly payment with $0 down? I am located in NJ. I’m also going to need them to cut me a check for my remaining payments on my Highlander, which will be a little over 2k. I was thinking of not telling them about the remaining payments until I have a deal in place with them so it cuts into their profit instead of me getting hosed. Thoughts?

To get the most out of this forum it is better to first contact a couple dealerships, negotiate a bit, and then come back here with your numbers and everyone can tell you where to push the most. Good luck on your search! Also search for past deals to see approximately where you should be at (sometimes these deals can’t be replicated, but it is a good starting point)

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You have 5 payments left and the Accord isn’t leasing spectacularly this month. The only way it makes sense to pounce is if you want a 2018 3 series. Otherwise wait til your lease ends.

I’d also recommend ignoring those lease “offers” on manufacturer websites. Get actual quotes and don’t waste your time with that

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Instead of just try to absorb the last payments on the Highlander, head to Carmax, Carvana, Vroom etc and get a buy bid to see if you have any equity.

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Right now I am only getting offers between 24500 and 26000. As of right now my buy out is 29k, which is good I would assume because that means I’m not over paying on my lease.

@joeblogs i do like the new 3 and 4 series. I’d lease out a loaner/demo if what I see is true because they appear pretty cheap (if people arent bs’ing here).

430 GC xdrive with 4,669 miles has a going price of 44,995. So get the price down to like 36?
.00177 MF and 54% RV
$2250 lease credit - not sure if that 2250 is already in the 44995 (I’m sure it is).

Thoughts on this?