Lease help SR5 2020 Tundra

So I dealing with this dealer in Nebraska, I live in Iowa right now. I asked them for US bank numbers and their prices are much higher. What am I missing here ? Because I ran numbers myself and I’m lost a little bit.

They’re giving $420 DAS with 420 month for 24/10k

2 big things: separate out the dealer discount and rebates to see what the dealer discount actually is, figure out what the MF is.
Does that $420 include tax?

It doesn’t include taxes, ill call the dealership tomorrow again.

Basic math on the deal, shows me that Residual is 75% and Total discount (dealer discount, rebates, cash back, incentives, etc.) are 12.9%.

That’s all I could tell. Check on Edmunds RV and MF and compare with what they’re giving you.

Certainly $420 is a little high compared to what is seen here.

MF is 0.00105
RV is 75%

The rebate seems to be $3,000 and they seem to be going -$1,000 below invoice, which is a great deal for now.

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Thank you!

Let me know if you have any question. I would love to answer them.

Message me if you want a $3k more msrp truck for like $50/mo less

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