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Need some help with leasing. I’m sort of a newbie or at least paying great attention to the deal this time :slight_smile: I read the 101 documents and have been sifting thru many threads. I’m currently looking at a Q60RS or G70. When working with the stealerships they always inflate the MF, sometimes by removing a zero.

I’ve looked up the base MF on Edmunds. Do dealers still make money on base MF? Should I expect a certain increase over the base MF? I don’t mind using a broker but somewhat like the challenge and haven’t found one to work with. Appreciate any feedback. I can post numbers if that helps. Thanks!

Search for the G70 that was just posted.

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I see a G80

Different people in the dealership get paid on different parts of the deal. Sales gets paid on how much markup they keep in the car (“front end gross”), the finance manager gets paid by marking up financing and/or selling product (“back end gross”). So yes they are always going to take a shot at marking you up, one reason this board exists.

If you do all the math and your rock bottom price on a G70 is (making this up) $489 with tax, if they discount the car and mark up the MF but it’s $499/mo, you know they made a few bucks (but very few) and did well, it doesn’t matter how the dealership got there. Sometimes they will move the numbers around and structure the deal in a way that makes sense for them (plenty of other posts on this).

If you’ve driven both, get your numbers, run them through the calculator, and when you have a deal sheet you want reviewed post it here.


Did you search for G70?

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Yes I did search nothing real recent unless you’re talking about the G70 in TX 23 days ago? Thanks for the help.