Lease help - BMW 430XI GC loaner car


Loaner car: 4300 miles
MSRP : $47xxx
selling price: $44xxx
57% residual

I know the incentives combined are -7000, im pushing to get a 430xi for under $300/month with around $2200 at signing. Is this possible? am i wasting my time?

Dealership currently is at $375 with $2500 if that helps in any way

Also if anyone can offer me a deal thats great, id gladly take it.

Thanks everyone!

That’s barely a 6% discount, you need to push for way more than that. Search for some other recent examples.

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Instead of payment shopping, have you looked at the recent 4 series deals and compared your selling price discount to theirs?

Hint: Your deal is really, really bad.