Lease Hackr main page


Simple question, I always wonder why the lease Hackrs main web site page has old lease ads on it. Just curious.

It’s basically a blog format. You can see the date on each article. If it’s over a month old, it’s probably not applicable any more.

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We don’t have ads, but point taken. We will update the titles, or add a lede to our articles, to make clear that these are old deals.

Thanks, I was talking about on the main page there are many references to lease deals that go back to 2018 and even 2017. There’s a few that say Labor Day 2018 for a Ford Edge lease and 2018 Miata for example. Since deals change monthly, should those old ones just be deleted on an on-going basis? Thanks Gary

The founders are just super lazy :wink:

But really, I think Michael tries to be selective with his posts and reserves those blog posts for worthy topics. Eventually they become outdated, like all deals do.


Pick a broker of the week based on the deal or response to the deal and add it to the main page. Generate more buzz for the site and also more hits for the Broker.


Huge fan of this idea :blush:

I like having the old deals on the main page. If a deal was a certain month in 2018, that may be a decent brand/vehicle to start researching the same month this year. Of course things change month to month so definitely year to year, but it doesn’t hurt to have a point of reference.