Lease from a bank other than dealer's?

i’m looking at possibly leasing 2020 corvette and the internet posts indicate that GM bank has 6.2% APR on leases ( 0.00258 MF ) . That’s criminal, isn’t ? :slight_smile:
I saw i.e. US Bank offering lease financing, i’m sure other banks would too… Did any of you ever try that (finance lease not with the dealer’s bank) ? Good idea or not?

You’ll need to find a dealer that has a relationship with a non-captive bank.

With that said, I don’t see a lease on a 2020 vette being a good deal, no matter the bank, any time soon.


agreed, chance for incentives/discounts are 0.00%, but APR of over 6% is just ridiculous… well, first I’ve to find one available (didn’t pre-order), will worry about it then :slight_smile:

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I 100% agree with him