Lease for business

Hello all,

I am looking to lease a Jaguar F-Type “for my business”

Ally Financial offers a third party guaranty option to where they will only require me to guaranty the lease and allow a credit inquiry, reporting will go on the business and in effect not affect my personal debt to income ratio.

I have heard many a horror story about ally…

Dealership is Jaguar Bellevue (Washington state) they use Chase and US bank as well as ally.

Does anyone know if Chase and US Bank do not offer similar programs, main thing just being that I can title in business name for insurance purposes and keep monthly payment off my debt to income.

Thanks guys!

Did you ever find out the answer to this?

I did find that Chase does not offer the particular program I want, being that it would not report to my personal debt.

I also have discovered that virtually no dealership that finances leases with a large bank will allow an Ally financed leases if they qualify for their other banks, even if they are an ally dealer.

I also attempted communication with ally on several occasions with absolutely zero luck, they refuse to communicate with an end consumer until an account has been opened. You must have the authorized dealer do all communication until then, surely this is because of dealer upcharging rates or something of the sort…

Hope my insight is of some help.

Mercedes Benz offers this program. I just filled in their commercial credit application. Business is first lessee, personal is guarantor.

To clarify, you were able to sign as guarantor and it does not report on your personal credit?
What financial institution are they using?