Lease for $250-300

Hi Everyone,

You guys are so helpful in the forums I have been reading. I was wondering if anyone had “the best” lease for a sporty sedan around the price range in the title. I live in Chicago, as I am sure that helps.

Please let me know if I need to provide anymore information!


I’d suggest looking at maybe an Acura, Camry SE, maybe even the Jetta. I think they should fall in your target range.

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What kind of Acura? And I would be interested in a Jetta GLI, is that in reason?

Thanks for the help!

Acura ILX should fall within your budget

If you get a great deal you could maybe get a lower end GLI or GTI in that range. The upper end civic trims would easily fall in there. Ford Focus ST or Fiesta ST? The IS200t is still a bit more I think.

Id be down for a Ford Focus ST. I will look into it.

What about the TLX? a little too pricey?

You can easily do a 2018 Camry SE for $250 or less and can probably even do a Hybrid SE for $300 or less. I was surprised by how good the new Camry was in a recent test drive. The Hybrid was especially impressive with lots of torque throughout the rev range…

I would do the Camry as my 3rd or 4th choice back up. Looking for slightly more luxury, but I know my price tag is low. The camry is a great back up option though

I was quoted 250 a month w/ first month due at signing for a 2018 infitini Q50 pure, I am sure you can negotiate more.


Jesus, Infiniti’s prices are getting lower and lower.

I could’ve had it lower with VPP discounts, I was actually suprised.

My Kia Cadenza lease is ending in a couple of months and a deal like this on a q50 would be great. What state did you get this offer?

I leased a $49k MSRP BMW 330xi demo vehicle for $315/mo with taxes ($0 down payment, but did pay drive offs of $2,400 for lease acq, dealer doc, taxes on incentives, & 1st mo) for 36/10k. So, that might be another option if you’re open to a demo vehicle.

So, basically it was $371?

That is awesome. I will look into that too

Definitely am, especially since I can get a really nice luxury car for cheaper. I feel like most 2017 demos are gone around now though, or am I wrong?