Lease Fees - outside my home state

Are Fees negotiable, such as dealer processing fees and Destination fees?

I’ve negotiated a 30,096 sale price on a 2016 Optima Hybrid EX with Tech package. I intend to lease, but the dealer is already quoting me $795 processing and $850 Destination charge. Destination seemed high but is included in the negotiated price, $795.00 Dealer Documentation/Processing Fee is not. Could someone weigh in on if these fees are excessive?
I have not informed the dealership that I want to lease yet, am I also responsible for an acquisition fee if I lease? (the one shown in the calculator on this site)

Also regarding fees - I’m leasing from a state that charges tax on the entire lease charge up front (VA) but I am registering in a state that does not (KY). Am I only responsible for tax on lease payments per my state’s regulations? Can I omit from the total Drive Off the Title, License and registration fee until I bring the vehicle to KY since that is where I live and will title it?

If anyone can confirm the MF and residual for a 2016 Optima Hybrid EX 24/12 lease in VA zip 20175 I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Did you ask them to separate out any incentives when getting the quote? Otherwise they could have included incentives that only apply when purchasing and not leasing.

Destination is typically in the 800-900 range and is a part of the sticker price. It is not negotiable. Although it seems kind of low to tack it on like an extra fee to the negotiated sales price.

Doc fee can be negotiated (in theory) but it is capped by law to a reasonable amount in a lot of places, so I don’t have any experience trying to negotiate it.

And yes you will have to pay the acquisition fee as well. You can roll it into the lease or pay it upfront.

Sales tax, you would have to find out info from the finance dept. at the dealership. If it’s in a border area, they might be familiar with how it works. Otherwise, look to your DMV for answers.

Per the experts on the forums:
.00011 and 55% for 24/12k on the EX. Also $7000 lease cash. Doesn’t look like it varies by region and they expire on Tuesday.

Thank you Jmac. The incentives are separated out. Destination fee is in the sales price without incentives, down from 35830 MSRP to 30096 pre incentives, 7000 as you mentioned. So I’m looking at capitalized cost reduction price of 23,096.

Are you sure the MF is correct for the Zip I listed? I believe it varies by Region. I have seen both 56 and 55 % listed as residual for a 2015 hybrid EX 24 Mo lease, not sure which is correct.

Have you had any luck finding yours?

I was assuming this was for a 2016 and got the info from here:
The moderators gave the same info for the same car/terms a few times going a few pages back. They have a different thread for the 2015.

I passed on it since there was hardly any inventory around here and got a Jetta instead.