Lease expiration on my 2017 Chevy Bolt

I am located in Oregon, I have been leasing a fully loaded LT Trim, 2017 Bolt for 291 a mo for the past 2 years and 11 months (was zero down, so around $10k total cost), it now has just under the allocated 45k miles, and its time to return the lease, GM has been calling me leaving voicemails to find out what I am doing with the vehicle. I have seen some people on here who are getting new lease deals on 2020-2021 models for 199 a mo, I am considering something like that.

The blue book value is about 14k and I don’t remember what they set the end of lease residual price was on the paperwork, but I am not sure I am interested in buying this one due to the new tech, more comfortable seating, and extended range of new models, unless I can get a really great deal on the residual value of this model.

The only special details of the last lease is the dealer allowed us to claim the state and fed rebate for the taxes so i got a pretty nice kick back on our taxes last time which i don’t think exists anymore at this point

If you were me, would you buy the bolt at a residual around 14k, or start a new lease for 2020 model at 199/mo, or should i negotiate for less than that? I have seen some people getting pretty amazing deals on here. Let me know your thoughts, thanks in advance.

I doubt the residual is $14k, probably more like $20k, so turn that one in. Hurry up and get another one before inventory is depleted. You should be to able get a much better deal this time, hopefully you have Costco

Yeah I thought last time was a good deal went to a few dealers, one wanted over 400 a mo, one wanted over 300 a month so when one offered $291/mo i took it. I will turn this one in, and there’s a dealer near me who offered someone a $6700 1 pay for a fully loaded premium trim. so I will probably give them a ring. Do you know if I need to turn it in at the same dealer or will I be able to go elsewhere to return it?

Any chevy dealer will take, especially one you lease a car from

Wait, what? By what authority does a dealer “allow” you to claim the federal rebate?

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And as far as I know is there any diff between a 2017 bolt and a 2020 bolt?

:arrow_up:Exactly. And there are no 2021 Bolts until they start production.

This was a one time lease special. GM was running claim the tax rebate promo. Owner’s choice lease.

I’m very curious about this statement, the IRS Tax form specifically says you can’t deduct $7500 on a lease. How did you deduct this?