Lease Equity in Pathfinder?!? (NO, but Dealers keep telling me to come in...)

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Hi all -

I have a 2023 Pathfinder Platinum coming off an 18-month lease (like a lot of folks on the forum who jumped on a decent program back in December 2022). RV is like 46k on this car and I know there is no equity in the vehicle. Yet, three different dealerships are telling me that they need me to come in before giving me quotes on other vehicles as my “current lease will definitely impact the quote” they can give me on the new lease.

Is this just a tactic to get me in the door? I don’t see a world where this car has any equity in it, but am I missing something else?


Have you shopped a price for the Pathfinder on Carmax, Carvana and KBB?

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Yep it is. Don’t even tell your next dealer your lease is ending

Yep, even used LH EquityHackr just to confirm I wasnt crazy. I was just surprised three separate dealerships said the same thing.

I normally wouldnt tell a dealer but figured it was an important factor for Loyalty purposes. But definitely won’t be playing that game anymore.

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You could send them a proposal and include the lease loyalty discount, or work with them without letting them know and keep the loyalty option on the side until the end.



That statement doesn’t mean you have equity. Your new lease price will definitely be higher after accounting for the negative equity from the Pathfinder.

Thanks for the gut check all. I’ve leased like 15 cars in my lifetime and this is the first time three different dealerships used that same line on me so I thought maybe in this post-COVID world I was missing something…

If NMAC has a contract like other captives where dealers can pay wholesale or RV whichever is lower, then you may have equity.

Either way their desire to accept your return could be a factor in your favor. They are catering to tons of people who think a late model used car is a better deal, even if it isn’t.

No, this is extremely common these days and most likely has nothing to do with the fact that your lease is expiring, just a dealer sales tactic. They would still want you to “come in” even if you didn’t have an existing lease.

This is what I was thinking. I just thought maybe there is some value for the dealer in getting a late model fully loaded car to put on their lot, even if to just get customers in the door. I just hate going into dealerships with all my heart so figured I’d see what the consensus here is.