Lease Ends in Jan - What to Do?

Hey all,

Long time lurker here. My Range Rover lease ends in January. I will definitely need a car but am not ready to commit to anything new (in terms of lease or finance) as my logistics are quite up in the air. Currently out west, potentially moving across country, potentially splitting 50/50. Won’t know for sure whether I will need one car or two (one in each location).

What I do know is that the decision won’t be made at least for 2-3 months, and I’m not sure what my best move is here. Have status with car rental agencies so could get good upgrades, but renting for that duration will be unreasonable. I looked into long-term rentals with Sixt but that turns out to be unreasonable as well.

All of you guys on this forum are extremely savvy and creative, so was hoping someone would have an idea that would make a light bulb go off. I can’t imagine that nobody else has been in this situation on this forum.

Any input or ideas will be greatly appreciated and well taken.

All the best.

Maybe a shorter term lease transfer on something?

Can you call LandRover financial, whatever it is called and ask if they can extend the lease for 3 months? Looks like there is an option listed to extend by 6 months.

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Short term lease transfer from swapalease, search by term increasing? I know the one of the shortest terms you can transfer into a bmw lease is 6 months, so maybe start there? From that point, possibly turo?

Thanks all for the input. I did think Swapalease was the best option in this scenario. It seems great to me because I can find something with 4-6 months left and basically absorb the previous lessee’s down payment and all other expenses.

Is there anything negative about taking over a lease? Extending my lease is a good thought as well, but I’d rather find something else for half or even a third of the price.

Also, for anyone familiar with lease takeovers, is it seamless for my business to take over the lease? (Of course I could PG if needed)

@HersheySweet @sebastian_fl @ElectricEliminator

Upon further thought, this may actually be the better idea. I am over the allotted mileage already, and it seems that the extension would grant another 833 mi/mo which would help align me back to where I need to be to avoid any mileage overage charges.

Thank you for this tip!

Nevermind, you aren’t swapping the RR, you are swapping into a BMW.

Not sure what you mean. I’m not particularly swapping into anything - just exploring options at this point.