Lease ends before registration

Hi, so my lease ends in April but the registration ends in November and the licence plate is my own custom plate, I want to know how the return process is because I want my licence plate for the next car I’m leasing

Registration follows the Car, you just gave the next owner a 7 month discount
Though you do get to keep the plates. (Have to pay to register them again)

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Custom plates don’t need to follow the car. The owner keeps the license plate.

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Yah I updated my terms.

I forgot to add.
To return a car with Custom (Not regular Plates).
Drive car to dealership, take plates off WHILE at the dealership and before you ground it.
Ground it while holding the plates (They will make a note that you took the plates).
Walk away with the plates. Now the Number/Letter Combination on the plates will be held until Nov which it will then release if you haven’t registered them for reservation or on a different vehicle.

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