Lease End Protection (California)

Hey friends - First, yes I have looked at previous topics related to my question :slight_smile:
I just picked up my 2022 X3 (on Sunday) and did not opt to get the lease end protection or tire package. I know this community has mixed reviews on this subject (some swear and die by it, others think its a profit margin for the dealer, etc.). Traditionally, I’ve bought this through my broker at a much better rate ($650 to $995 depending on the make/model), but I couldn’t this time. Some dealers give you 30 days, others say you have to buy it day of signing (no exceptions). This happened with my current purchase, i.e., day of.
Q1: Can I still purchase this now? Just curious if anyone has done it after the fact?
Q2: Any recs on which Third Party (SafeGuard, autonation, etc.)

As always, any insights are always appreciated and I am grateful for people’s time.

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