Lease End Options on 2019 Infiniti QX60

I’m coming to the end of a 39-month lease on a 2019 QX60 July 1st. I know there’s potential equity in the vehicle in today’s market, so trying to determine the best route to go to optimize my profit. I’m not experienced with buyouts and how taxes would work (vehicle is registered in Florida).

Should I buy out the lease and explore a trade for my next vehicle?

Buy out the lease and sell to Carvana, Vroom, etc?

Sell to a broker advertised here that deals with Infiniti lease end buyouts?

Again, what path would normally produce the highest arbitrage amount and lowest tax burden?

FL Routes - Because FL has some nasty shenanigans going on.

  • Note : Nissan and INFINITI dealers can look at this car. They use the same lender.
  • Get a quote from Carvana, Vroom, Carmax, etc , do not tell them it’s leased or they will toss you out.
  • Easiest Path - When you find no equity in it, just return it to Nissan in July.
  • Easy Path - Sell it to a Nissan/Inf Dealer (Or Broker) in FL, use the numbers from CVC to get a good number and take an equity check
  • Harder Path - TRADE it into a Nissan/Inf Dealer in FL for another car and TRY to not get screwed in all the paperwork where they take you car in and possibly give you a marked up New car to make money off you.
  • Hardest Path - Buy it from a INFINITI Dealer , pay $XXXX in Tax, Title, License Fees, pay $XXXX in Nissan BS fees, and sell to CVC.

can tell you that unless super super low miles, clean fax, and not the fully loaded sensory trim, there’s no equity in the car. these sank like a rock the last few months. we have been taking them at payoff.


Not super super low miles, but check the box on clean fax and not fully loaded. I posed the question bc a local dealer is offering 115% of the KBB, so buying the lease out and selling may still make sense.

a local dealer doesnt need the car to be bought out and sold to him, assuming it’s a nissan or infiniti dealer.

It’s not a Nissan or Infiniti dealer (VW dealer as I’m looking at an Atlas). But you’re saying this is another option, selling directly to a Nissan or Infiniti dealer before the lease ends? Sorry if I misunderstood

You know I laid out all the paths in my post.

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Thanks! Also, vehicle is registered in Florida but I’m active duty military stationed in DC. Assuming the paths you laid out would still work outside of Florida…

Yes, the only difference is the BS fees go down, but the BS fees are still being charged.

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My 2019 Infiniti QX60 lease ending soon I contact Infiniti dealership for buyout they wanted to charge me almost $5000 in ridiculous fees. My buyout payoff from Infiniti letter showing $25100
The dealership buyout was $30000.39.

I contact my Bank I got approved in 5min
The fee was only $92 THAT ALL $92 IN FEE!!!
After 1 month I pay my loan to the bank in full without any extra fees or penalties.

My car value at $36000

DO NOT GO TO INFINITI DEALERSHIP (this what Infiniti financial told me to do) YOU WILL GET SCAMMED. GO TO YOUR BANK!!!


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yeah but now you own a 3 year old qx60 with a CVT. not sure how amazing that is.

I pay in full after one month. I have no monthly payments.

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Glad to see that you went into the transaction informed, and didn’t get hosed by a bunch of useless fees. :+1:

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I will sell the car Soon if I find a good deal on new lease. Right now I am wait and see thx

Don’t hold on to the QX60 beyond its warranty.

You may find that financing your next vehicle may be the better value in the 3-row SUV segment.

Can you go into some more detail here?

After you secured a loan from the bank, how did you manage the lease end with the dealer? Or did you just contact Infiniti financial directly to buyout the car?

What I did is I go online Infiniti financial got the payoff buyout letter. Then I contact Infiniti dealership because Infiniti financial told me only to go to Infiniti dealership so I can get the payoff information. And it was crazy $5000 in extra feet. No way.
I left the dealership I take my original payoff buyout that I got from Infiniti financial the amount was $25k I go to my bank got approved in minutes and the only charge me fee of $92. That all.
So instead of paying $30k like the Infiniti dealership wanted to buyout my lease. I paid only 25k and change

Hope this information will help you
Like I said my car value now $36k going to sell it soon I find another car.


I think everyone is asking how did you manage to get Infinity finance to accept your bank check without dealership being involved since IFS now trying to require ALL buyouts to be done through dealerships only.


Depends on state. Some states like NJ you can buyout directly via infiniti. As for the CVT, powertrain warranty is 6 years or 70k miles.

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