Lease end July RDX

I have a 2017 Acura RDX that is 6k under on miles. I know I can roll those miles into the next Acura lease. Due to current market conditions should I wait till July or move now

Thank you

If you’re under miles, why would you want to turn it in early? You may get to roll the miles in, but you still have to cover the remaining payments.


Nobody knows what market conditions will be like in July. There are no psychics here that I am aware of. All you can do is make the best decision possible at what you think is the correct time.

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Did you pay anything upfront on your RDX lease?

Are you planning to lease another Acura?

I will for the right deal, little or no out of pocket

Any deal is going to be made worse by rolling in a couple months’ payments.

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As others said: you are under miles and nobody knows how long this will last or how it will end. Were I in your shoes, I’d wait until signs of normal. If it gets to be June and we aren’t there yet, get numbers on an Acura you want. If the numbers aren’t better than what you have now, extend your lease.

You’re holding all the cards. No reason to make a move yet.

Market conditions aren’t what people expect when it comes to leases right now. There are no fire sales and ridiculous blowouts.

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there’s no RDX pull ahead so if that’s what you’re looking for, probably wait.

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