Lease-end Buyout and Agreed upon residual not matching up

As the topic says…the numbers aren’t adding up to me. I have a lease through SETF. Details below:

RV: $29,264.00
Remaining payment: 1 of $591.77 (higher than usual monthly payment) plus a $350 dispo fee
Current buyout amount through 1/31: $32,211.96

If I add my county tax to the RV I get to $31,239.32, which is close but not quite there. Does SETF include this tax in their buyout amounts? Not sure what I’m missing here and would appreciate a Leasehackr set of eyes

I would expect to see a breakdown of the calculation on the payoff statement from the lessor.

If you didn’t lift the numbers from a SETF payoff letter, where are you getting them?

I pulled them from the SETF website. I have a payoff quote good through 1/31 and a remaining payments amount. Using those numbers to calculate everything.

Just call them

A payoff letter / payoff statement is a specific document package.

I’ve never dealt with SETF, but this is what the relevant excerpt from BMWFS’ looks like.

Your tax rate is 6.3%? Either way, I added the remaining payment amount and the dispo fee to the residual and then taxed the total at that rate, and it came to $32,115.74. I’d check your tax rate to make sure, but that’s pretty close.

So 31,239.32 is RV plus tax. Plus the $591.77 payment plus $350 dispo. That’s 32,181.09. Within $30 of your current buyout. Might be tax on that dispo fee, which would account for some of that. Pretty darned close.

edit: @DMVLease just beat me to it.

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Thanks - local rate is 6.75 I believe. I think that gets me all the way there. Not sure what wasn’t adding up right.

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This last payment includes some portion of a rent charge. Does OP need to pay it?