Lease-end advice needed

Hello All,

I need some advice. I have been looking for a vehicle for a couple of months as my current lease (13 Sonata 2.0t) is up in October. Here is the dilemma, I still have about 4 payments left at 270 each. The vehicle only has 22k miles, but this florida weather and I guess my driving habits have made my tires to be really worn out, and I am afraid if I wait until the end of lease, they will get worse and get charge for excessive wear and tear. Also, there is the 400 hyundai disposition fee. I have not been very successful on getting a reasonable offer that does not include rolling over my remaining payments.

What do you think I should do? way it out and take the wear and tear hit at lease end? take the bullet for the remaining payments, but get the inspection now, to try to avoid the excess wear and tear, and get another hyundai (16 Genesis RWD which was formally quoted at 269+tax) to avoid the disposition fee?

Any feedback or experience will be greatly appreciated!

I too have had this dilemma on my last lease but it was a year before it was due. OEM tires just don’t last. If it were me, I would see what kind of pull-ahead program Hyundai offers as most manufacturers will waive last 3 payments and disposition fee as well as give an additional damage waiver. If they don’t offer any such program, I’m afraid your decision is that much more difficult. You could always call around and try to find used tires as I am sure the size on your car is fairly standard. Remember that they have to match and have at least 5/32 of tread left.

  1. go to carmax and see how much they’re willing to pay. Sometimes you get lucky and you can just sell them the car and walk away with either no loss, a tiny loss or sometimes even a profit. You’ll never know and it’s worth spending 1 hr to find out IMO.

the dispo fee is a way to get you to stay loyal to the brand.
a) stay with the brand if you like it, in that case you might as well get out of the car now if they have pull ahead program.
b) if you want to get another car from another brand you might be able to use that as negotiation tactic and see if they will give you extra discount on new car to offset the dispo fee (or even better, see if they take the car as trade in so you don’t have to pay the dispo fee)

In regards to the tires if you just want to return the lease to Hyundai, buy a set of matching used tires from a small local tire shop with enough tread on them. Can be had for $100 or so. Don’t buy a new set just to return the car, all you’re doing is hooking up Hyundai for no reason.

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