Lease Deals in NC (Genesis, TL, Volt)

I haven’t had much success finding a good deal in NC – it’s probably user error on my part – but am looking for some suggestions on the differences betweens the markets.

My local Hyundai dealer mentioned they’re not getting any more stock of the 2016 Genesis, so they’re not marking them down. This worked out with a top tier credit score to be around ~450/mo. for the Signature Trim with Tech package. Way above the sub-300 deals I’ve been seeing here.

The Acura dealer ended up giving a ~350/mo TL with 3500 trade-in on the base TL (4cyl, base).

Is NC just a bad market with lots of competition? I’m ideally looking for a ~300/mo. (24-36 months with 10,000 miles) payment for a nice, sporty sedan, but am open to anything that’s a deal!

After trying to work the Genesis deal with a few dealers, the magic is in the flex cash certificates. I basically sent the same deal numbers to all the dealers and only one would acknowledge the existence and willingness to apply the certificates. In talking to him after, he basically said most dealers should have them, but most seem to let them sit in the box than use them. After seeing all the West Coast deals here, I thought it was not possible in the East but it just took shopping the deal around to more dealers to find the right one.

I feel your pain. I’ve always had a difficult time getting good lease deals in NC; been trying to lease a genesis; so far only quote is $359/mo for the base model; no negotiation. I’m in Greensboro currently (moving to Charlotte soon) and it is a bit of a smaller less competitive market. Tried to talk to Toyota about leasing a Camry and it was an extraordinarily frustrating experience with price way too high; refusal to give the numbers etc. Toyota is it’s own beast with the SE Toyota nonsense; but in general prices, incentives etc just seem out of whack. It’s almost demoralizing reading these forums b/c everyone else seems to get much better deals. I guess I’ll just keep sayin no until something good comes along.

what dealer on the east coast did you go with and what did deal did you get? thanks

I’m in VA and ended up at Browns in Manassas, VA. 2016 Genesis 3.8 RWD with Signature and Tech packages for $389/month and drove off with making the first $389 payment. Not the best deal posted but VA is hard on taxes and they were the only ones throwing in the flex cash certs.

Yeah, our lease payments will always be higher because of that.