Lease deals for a 2015 qx60

Does anyone know the April lease structures for a 2015 and 2016 Infinity qx60? Still good amount of inventory out there on the 2015s. My friend financed one about three weeks ago at $10500 off with msrp of about $48k. If there’s a decent program, leasing at that discount should be a smokin deal.

OC Infiniti advertises great “loss leader” deals the beginning of each month. A few Leasehackr readers have gotten them, but these deals are not typical:

Thanks. Do you know what the money factor, residual, etc. is for April on a 2015?

2015 Infiniti QX60 FWD

36/10K: 56% residual, .00061 MF
Valid through 6/30/16

Thank you! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Best of luck! Infiniti “dealer cash” differs depending on whether you lease or purchase, so obtaining the same selling price as your friend’s may be more difficult on a lease.

I was afraid of that. Ille shoot for 9k off. Do you know what the exact difference is?

Working on a 48k 2016 instead. Dealer is at 499 including tax. 500 Drives, 15k miles 39 months. I’m trying to get 0 drives 500 monthly on a 36 month program. If convenient wouldu please provide 2016 April lease numbers.

2016 QX60 FWD, through June 30, 2016

39/10K: 61%, .00175 MF

Subtract 1% for 12K/year. Subtract 3% for 10K/year.

Thanks Michael. Helped my friend get a 2016.
0 drives, 520 per month. 39 months, 15k miles per year. $48k and some change msrp. No other dealer would beat or match the deal. Tustin Infinity are agressive in discounts.

When I was helping one of my friends on a 2015 QX60 a couple of months ago, Tustin pretty much had the worst deals out of all other dealerships nearby. Not to mentioned they pretty much wasted 2 days of my time. I ended up going to Cerritos and have gotten a better deal and no time wasted.

How are some of the readers getting so much off on cap reduction on this car? Is there a manufacturer to dealer rebate not known to us? Or is it simply because their MF sucks so Infiniti still makes money these cars? Just curious…

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Interesting. Cerritos wouldn’t match two recent deals for me. They even said they don’t know how Tustin can be so deep on discounts. The most recent deal they couldn’t come close and on a 2015 about a month ago we got $10500 off. Cerritos could only do $9000.

i am kind of new to leasing, but i have been told different dealerships offer different deals. I was at a dodge dealership and the sales manager was telling me his friend worked at a different dodge dealership, but bought his challenger from his store because the deal was better. i have heard a few other similar stories. you have to check every dealership in a reasonable radius. truecar has a great tool where you put in the car and you can get quotes on the car from local dealers. i did that for a chevy volt and one dealer quoted me 29,800 which was several thousand less than the other quotes.