Lease Deal Question 2021 Tacoma SR V6 4x4 Double Cab

This deal seems good, but I can’t get the numbers to work in the hackr calculator.

2021 Tacoma SR V6 4x4 Double Cab
MSRP $34336
Sales Price $31185
MF 0.0019 with TFS
Lease Payment $308 per month
36 months 12k miles per year
Drive off is $308 (first months payment)
Residual $26858

The residual seems high, but I’m no expert.

What did edmunds give you for rv/mf/incentives?

Also, it’d be helpful to include make and model of vehicle

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Terrible deal. I can do 210/mo with msds. Tax tags inc. 24/12 lease. Ship it for $800

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I couldn’t find a search for it on Edmunds.

Did you post in the model specific thread and ask for your zip code?

What’s the model, residual, etc?

No I did not. Sorry, I’m a rookie.

Requesting the info from edmunds is the best way to verify things like rv, mf, and incentives. Always should be the first step in your lease journey when evaluating a vehicle.

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Same as yours. 34k sr double cab v6 4x4. I have a couple left in black or mag grey

Search is your friend.

I’ve had dealers in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area offer 9.5% off MSRP before incentives. Two through Costco Auto and one matching Costco. One offered 9.6% to beat the other 3, but didn’t have my color preference. Around 10 told me they wouldn’t do more than 5% or 6%. I had better success with metro area dealers and multi-location dealers. Ive seen other posts here range from 4.5% to 7.8% off but monthly payments very pretty significantly based on region and term.

All dealers I spoke with had dealer/doc fees ranging $500 to $799 and I wasn’t able to get them to budge there. Some states cap dealer fees much lower so hopefully yours does.

One of the trusted hackrs advised to shoot for 10% off msrp and no doc fee but inventory seems to be an issue. Most dealers I spoke with sold out of their November SRs, but December allotments are rolling in. They don’t seem to sit on the lot long enough to have much leverage. I’ve had two sold while I was waiting to confirm final numbers. Not fun.

What is your region? The 36mo/12kmi residual in the mid atlantic and midwest is 82% but the money factors are slightly higher than what you show here. Definitely confirm these for your region in the Edmunds 2021 Tacoma Lease deals forum. I’ve found that the 24mo/12k term to be the best deal in several regions.

If you’re able to get gap insurance, maybe consider doing a 1-pay lease to lower you money factor .001? Especially if you’re in a region with the 24mo 88% residual.

I gave the calculator a shot but I’m not sure of the fees and tax (guessing you’re in CA) so maybe someone can confirm. Seems like you’re at 9.2% preincentive (unless there is lease cash factored in the selling price then it’s lower) but the TFS region’s mf and rv is hurting the deal.