Lease deal on audi premium and premium plus

So i have 3 different quotes from 2 dealers. please let me know how is this a good deal or not guys. I have the lease sheets from one dealer that is offering 2 loaners that have roughly 3k for 39 months. all of these are with 2k down for inceptions and first month. The residual of the loaners is like 46% and the brand new i think is 55%

A) premium plus deal demo 531 with tax /mo :

B} premium 443 with tax /mo :

c} Premium brand new 489 with tax /mo :

Do you guys think $450 a month for a q5 premium plus demo is unrealistic?
I am really new to this and this would be my first lease. Every time i ask a sales man for the residual and money factor most of them say " You should only care for the monthly payment and down payment " . Don’t know much but it sounds really shady. Thank you for your time guys!

I’ve asked this question 2 dozen times on this forum and never have gotten a clear response:

How is RV calculated on demos/loaners for Audi? That’s a huge hit versus BMW or MB assuming it has like < 5k miles.

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You can post this question in the Edmunds forum. I remember seeing RV for demo Audi there.

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It is just crazy that basically nobody on this forum knows this, especially if it as drastic as this appears. From my research on Audi, usually P/P+ have the same or similar RV and Prestige is less.

This isn’t RV or MF, this is something that is usually a pretty constant.

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I thought i was going to get more responses about it. I guess not many people get good deals on Q5?

Here’s the offer I got from my broker for 2019 Q5 premium plus

MSRP $53605
Cap Cost $46700
RV 52%
Max MSDs $5175
Adjusted MF .00002
D/O $1500
Monthly Payment $529 + tax

Dear friends would you please evaluate the following deal .Hoping to finalize in a day so would appreciate feedback:

Vehicle: 2019 A5 Sportback Premium Plus w Sline sport package,19" wheel pkg ,cargo ,box,ring beams and bang olofson audio
MSRP: 52015
Selling Price: 44415
MF: 0.00148
Residual : 56%
Term: 36 MTHS/36000 MI
Down Payment :0
Sales Tax : 8.25%
Due at signing : 6529.12 (518.27+80+980+4950)
mthly w tax: 518

Thanks for the time guys and would appreciate a prompt response !!