Lease deal on 2019 Lexus ES350 F sport SoCal



2019 Lexus ES350 F Sport
Caviar / Black
36 / 10k - 90405 zip

MSRP: $51,585.00
Selling Price $46,649.98
Factory Cash $1500

Monthly Payment $499.23 (including Tax)

Cash due at signing:
Monthly sales tax $43.31
First month payment $499.23
License / Docs $608.75
Acquisition $795

MSD Refundable Deposit $4500

MF = .00003
RSV = 56%

Leasehackr Score 9.3


Is the payment $499.23 + $43.31 = $542.54 or $499.23 with taxes? Looks pretty solid to me.


Sorry - including Tax, yes!

thanks, worked with 3 different dealers to get this - I don’t believe
I left much, if anything on table.


Any money down?
Am I calculating this correct but you got a interest rate of .72? That is pretty good.


No Money down. Interest rate was .07 with the MSDs.


If the selling price is before the factor cash then 10% is a good discount on a new model like the ES, nice deal!


Solid deal


yes selling price was before factory cash


Great deal on a fresh redesign car!


Smoking deal. The new ES is a looker. Truly a beautiful car. Enjoy!


Don’t think you can ask for much better on a re-designed current model year vehicle. Congrats!


private party or broker?


Can you message me with the name of the dealer and person you’ve worked with?