Lease deal for 2022 Mazda CX-5 Premium. Fair/Not?

Hey folks, first time lease purchaser here and simply need advice on whether the offered deal is fair or not considering the market.

I’m looking into leasing a Mazda CX-5 Premium trim under 36/15 term with $0 DAS in 33764 ZIP code area.

With RV @ 59% and MF @ 0.00151 (standard for this area) I should be looking at a monthly price of $510-520

Here’s the best offer I got so far which is still higher than I expect. I didn’t ask the dealer to disclose their MF but did mention to them what MF I was considering.

And here’s the link to the LH calculator

Is there anything I am missing and I really should be looking at $600 per month or I am right and can keep on searching for the deal close to the calculated prices?

Thanks a lot in advance for your input!

Keep Searching, something is really wrong when a 32k car (Plus $1000 of ‘crap’) is going for $590/month.

At least shoot for MSRP, don’t pay more if you don’t need the car NOW.

I am interested why you are only paying 1% in TTL, that’s really low.

Thanks for the feedback!
Pardon my ignorance, but I don’t know what TTL is. Is it Tag, Title, License fee? I have my tag from the previous car and that probably lowers it? Of course, if I understood right what TTL is.

Agree on $1K of crap. The salesperson said they gave me a discount of $1212 off of MSRP but an effective discount was only $212 considering that “Dealer fee”.

Question. Could you please explain “shoot for MSRP”? Do you mean not to look at cars with higher than MSRP pricetag?

Thanks again.

TTL is that, I see you are bringing in old plates so that might explain why it’s cheaper.
Now that I look closer I don’t see sales tax.

You can also see from your calculator that he’s jacked up the MF a bit to get to the $590 number from your 530

So he discounted your MSRP to keep the add ons and added over $50/month in payment as a ‘hidden’ bonus

Have you checked some of the offers on the Marketplace? There’s a broker that’s offering the same car for about $100/month less than the screenshot.

Also have you considered financing instead? Mazda offers 0.9% financing for 36 months. The MF on the lease is .00190 (4.56% APR), so you’ll be paying a lot on finance charges, plus acquisition fee.


If you really like it, finance it.

Even at your target payment, ~$19,000 to lease a CX5 for 3 years seems outrageous.

Right now Nissan is running the Murano (55k car) for an 18m lease for less than this one.
You might want to look into it.

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@forbs Oh, thanks. I see that my guess was right. Yes, you are right about hijacking the MF. I noticed that as well and brought it up to my latest reply to the dealer. I did include the tax rate of 6% in the calculator, I think.

@michael I searched the marketplace and found a thread by AutoLeaseNinjas, so I reached out to them. haven’t got their reply but I did it yesterday and they might be busy, so I would give it a couple more days. And, yes, after reading some posts here and there I started considering getting back into financing (just got rid of my previous car a few days ago, hence the search for a new one).

@max_g Thank you, this does seem like an option, like Michael suggested.

Wow! That is interesting. If I’m right, you are talking about this one?

Yeah, seems like even their Platinum trim at $539 / month will be less expensive than CX-5 from this dealer.

That’s the ‘Advertised Special’ the real deal is much better.
Here’s the CA deal…when doing your negotiations you are looking around here.
18m is a short term but it’s less than what you are paying now and Nissan is going NUTS with these 18m leases.


And here is the calc done roughly and raw for your area

Thanks a lot for sharing this and looking into the calc for my area. Really appreciate it.

It’s definitely worth looking into. I hope I will be able to negotiate a slightly higher mileage than 10K for 18M. With my work, I may exceed 10K in a year a half.

Thanks again for your input and all the feedback. The answer is clear that what I was offered was not a good deal by any means.

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Ignore these ads. They are useless. Big down payment and everything in the fine print (taxes, dealer fees, etc) = your total cost is a lot higher than advertised.

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Just to make sure this is clear… you do know that it is 10k/yr, not 10k/18mos, right?

Well, that just made the whole thing slightly better. I really thought it was 10K for 18MO.
Thanks for clarifying this to me!

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Also, the sample deal he showed you in CA doesn’t include FL Dealer fees which is on average 999. That alone is another $60 more per month (at 18 months). If you are looking into the CX5, you may want to consider 24/12k that seems to be the best term for them.

Here is my $502 lease for a Mazda CX-5 Premium Plus I just signed for hope this



Make sure to check the Signed section of Leasehacker for similar…

I’m in CT, CX5 came from NJ. There was another ad for a CX5 PP for $450 a month… not sure of the [articulars there and how it compared to mine

Shoutout from a former Newjersian :- ) I moved to Clearwater from Edison last November.
And thank you for sharing the lease info! I greatly appreciate it.
I’m currently in the process of finalizing the lease with a broker I found here: @AutoNinjas
and will be glad to share the feedback and the lease once I get the car and all the papers.
The trim I ended up going with was Turbo with 36/15 lease.
Stay tuned and thanks again for sharing your info!

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honestly, I’d wait until the end of the month when dealers are looking to meet quotas… I reviewed Autoleaseninjas myself for their e-o-m deals… you might get a better rate…

I’d look at a lot of previous deals to understand how much % off msrp the e-o-m deals are… don’t jump into anything right now if you don’t have to… i wish I had researched a bit more but I’m ok with my deal, especially seeing someone on here had previously leased the same car as me for $610 mo compared to my $502…

Are you in NJ like that person? States do have a wide change in Leasing price.