Lease deal advice

Advice on lease offer
California lease.
2020 Mercedes E53 AMG coupe ( there are about 6 remaining in a 200 mile radius)
MSRP 79,100
Sales price 70,100
Fees 890 including $735 California registration
4k at start
$960 per month including tax
36 months, 10 k miles

Thoughts, recommendations appreciated.
I Need to get the actual residual and MF this dealer is using. However when I plug the data I got from Edmund into the calculator it’s pretty close. Edmunds says residual of 56% and money factor of .00162.

Thank you

If you are looking for real advice- you need to provide all the information. What is the PRE-incentive discount? buy rate MF? rebates? additional incentives?

Down payment of $4k? Around here- that’s not a way to compare apples- apples.

It really helps you (and others) understand your deal if you learn and post LH calculator.

I presume you already know that this vehicle does not lease very well. Your 3 years of ownership will cost close to $40K which is pretty poor for a $79K MSRP.

You need to break down the sales price based on the discount and rebates. On the surface, 12% off MSRP is pretty average, but that depends on how many rebates are applied. Most likely you are in the ballpark if this is the vehicle you must have.

It’s abysmal for a car that’s literally being sold for $70k, maybe even less if there are purchase rebates

Feedback much appreciated.
As expected the residual is 56% and MF .00162.
Waiting for the breakdown of the “discount”.
Never the less it sounds like purchase is >>than a lease on this car.

Please update title to be more specific.