Lease Deal: 2022 Volvo XC90 T5 MOM AWD

Is this a good lease deal on 2022 Volvo XC90 T5 MOM AWD? I don’t believe I qualify for any incentives (no loyalty, first responder/teacher). Thank you!

MSRP $56,590
Selling price $50,424
56% residual
MF .00165
with 10 MSDs 0.00115 ($6500)

How much in Volvo allowance/lease cash is included in this selling price?

Did you look at 24M as well?

I didn’t think any were included – he didn’t mention any except for loyalty, first responder/teacher. Is this eligible for $1000 lease cash?

Dealer said 36 month was the term option, which I’m fine with – would 24M make more sense?

You should explore that and run the numbers. RV is 67%

I think it’s prob $6 more per month but with a 15K lease, it makes more sense. Volvo covers 10/20/30 mile maintenance

So with 36, you’re covering 40k. And, bigger chance of needing brake and tires.

Don’t let dealer make call. You dictate the terms.

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What did edmunds tell you when you verified rv/mf/incentives?

does “$1000 lease bonus” different from loyalty? I can’t find “$1000 lease bonus” on Volvo website.

from edmunds forum:

please provide incentives, MF, RV for 2022 XC90 MOM AWD, 7 seater 15k (07976 zip):

.00165 MF and 56% residual. $1000 lease bonus
.00143 MF and 56% residual. $500 lease bonus

Yes, these are unrelated.

Volvo doesn’t always broadcast incentives on their website.

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so I should push for $50,424 selling price plus $1000 lease cash, or do you think it’s already baked in?

I guarantee you it’s already baked in

assuming $1000 lease bonus is in there, it would be more like 9.13% off MSRP, so ok deal but not great (like 10.9% off MSRP)?

If I can start a 2022 Volvo XC90 lease now or wait until end of year / beginning on 2023, is one more attractive (does anyone have a crystal ball!)? Any views on chip shortage and whether that will impact 2022 Volvo XC90 inventory into 2023. In typical years, when supply chains aren’t impacted by pandemic, is it usually best to start lease when new model comes out as residual is higher?

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