Lease/Co-Signer Question

My friend went to Hyundai today to sign a lease. Her credit was alright but she needed a co-signer which she has. However, when she went there they declined because the co-signer was in a different household therefor they couldn’t count his income. Is this true of Hyundai leasing?

Odd, never heard of it. Defeats the whole purpose of having a cosigner. Does the cosigner live in a different state?

Same state just not the same household. That’s what I was thinking, that’s why they have co-signers.

Call a finance manager at another Hyundai store, explain the situation and ask your question to him. That may give you some clarity.

I did that. He said it can be an issue but said his store gets it done all the time because of the volume they do.

Tell your friend to negotiate a deal with them then. If dealer A said no, I’m not sure how you’re going to get them to reconsider.

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Might have to do that, only issue is 300 mile difference in how close they are to her.

They are quite a few Hyundai dealerships in NY. Call the one 10 mins away.

This is the one close, the ones that say they can do it are 300 miles away.

Then your friend has to decide if a few hours driving and a couple tanks of gas are worth it to get the car, or to look at a different brand. You’re not going to change their mind if they declined her.

Hyundai dealers are a dime a dozen. Start searching the ones closest to farthest and start sending out emails. There are probably 30 dealers in that 300 mile range.


Or perhaps would overnight the paperwork. Isn’t credit application filled out online, including all cosigner info?

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