Lease Check: 2022 New GC (2-row) Limited


Hi folks! I just got the quote from the dealer on a new 2022 New Grand Cherokee Lmited. I did not sign it because I don’t believe it is a even good deal there. I would like to share the info here and appreciate any thoughts and comments on it. I am in Seattle, WA.

Thanks in advance!

2022 Jeep New Grand Cherokee Limited
MSRP: $50,590 (No markup I guess)
Selling Price: $50,590
Gov Fees: $919.50
Dealer Fees: $150
Aquisition Fees: $895
Accessories: $399
Net Cap Value: $52,593.50

Lease Plan: 36mo/10K miles
Down Payment: $0
Residual Value: $31365.80 (62%)
Incentives/Offers: None

Payment: $750/mo (The dealer said tax is included)

I don’t know the MF but I estimate it in the calculator, which is roughly 0.00264, if I am correct.

The calculator link is here:

How should I negotiate the quote with the dealer or should I simply walk away?

Walk away, order one, and save thousands of dollars.

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Thank you for your reply!

Yes, I kind of feel like I was fooled… Do you have an rough idea about what the monthly should be for the GC?

Probably $100-200/mo less than that is plenty doable

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Run away, don’t walk.

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LMFAO, I have my running shoes on! Thank you


Can you wait for a factory order? There are dealers offering 8%-9% off MSRP on the GCL. You can also work with the brokers on here to get those deals.

Thank you for your reply! I think it is an option so I am still considering.

I think @Clutch had a few in-stock with his SW dealer. Might message him to check.

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Look at the brokers on this site and see if they have relationships with dealers in your region to minimize your shipping/pick up costs. A broker will also help you get the best deals and ensure the dealers honor those deals. You can do all of this on your own but it will take more time and frustration. I used LeaseCompanion for two deals and they have been superb. The incremental savings I got more than offset their fees.

We can definitely beat that deal. Email us your build and zip


There are at least 2 brokers on here with way better deals. I am considering a GC or GC L since they are leasing so well.

Leasing well….by what metric?

LH score of 7+ (7.5) seems pretty good in this market compared to its competition

All that means is that they inflated the MSRP.

Residual and MF compared to similar vehicles

Leasing ‘well’ relative to the market, is there a comparable 3-row that’s feature loaded with an actual 3rd row that’s semi comfortable leasing in this range? Highlanders are slightly smaller and arguably less luxurious (but the best value because of resale), palisade/tellurides don’t lease well, forget the lux 3-rows, the only thing I can think of is possibly the pilot but that’s getting pretty dated

Thank you all for your suggestions, I really appreciate that.

Update after the negotiation:

2022 New GC Limited Lease

0% discount is still thousands too high

Walk away and order one

The problem with this theory is that it detaches one from reality. It turns the consumer into the proverbial frog in increasingly warmer water which will eventually boil… but who keeps thinking “I’m only relatively a little warmer than I was a minute ago.”

A $700 GCL lease looks better than a $800 Telluride lease … and a $800 GCL lease looks better than a $900 Telluride lease … and a $900 GCL lease looks better than a $1,000 Telluride lease … see where this is going?

Besides, the OP was looking at a 2-row GC which shouldn’t be compared to 3-row vehicles. What’s a better comp for the non-L GC… Passport? Venza? Sorento/Santa Fe? How much should one pay to lease a similarly equipped GC before it makes more sense to buy one of those?