Lease Check - 2019 Tiguan

I’m writing this mainly to see if my pricing expectations are realistic. I’ve been doing my best to scour this site for research but felt I could use some personal advice. I’ve reached out to a few dealers in my area regarding a 2019 Tiguan SEL Premium and have been turned down by a few sales agents without any sort of counter offer given. This tells me two things: either my counter to their initial offer was way too low and unrealistic, or that these vehicles are selling better than I thought and they just don’t want to budge on their initial price.

Here’s an example of one communication I’ve had:
The MSRP on the vehicle I reached out about in question was $38440. They came back with an initial offer sell price of $34340, including a $950 VW lease incentive. This led to a payment of approx. 460 including taxes, using the base MF. RV is 55%. These are vehicles that CarGurus has indicated have been sitting on the lot for 200+ days, so I felt I could do better.

I countered with a dealer price of $32900 minus the VW incentive and an additional partner incentive of $500, for a final sell price of $31450 and a monthly of around 350 incl tax. This was turned down via email with no counter offer given, effectively ending any negotiations with this dealer.

With that said, my question stands: was my offer too aggressive and a time-waster for the dealership? I’d like to think no, of course, but my number was also based on the TMV data from KBB showing that this trim is selling right around $33000 in my area so my guess is that I just need to broaden my search even wider.

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Looks like you are asking for about 14.5% off pre incentives. I was looking at Tiguans last month (SEL non prem). Lowest that dealers would go for me pre incentives was about 8%. Was basically told to get lost in asking for more than that.

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VW does not lease well. You can get an Infiniti QX60 more space and less issues.

Thanks for the replies. I’m not in any rush at the moment so I can hold out for some time to see if any additional incentives come available as the 2020 MY rolls out. I also have a few other vehicles in mind I can try dealing on in the interim.

The loaded tiguan’s don’t lease that well, once you start getting over $30k on them, you’re better off looking at other vehicles. Highlander and MDX come to mind

Agreed, Volkswagens are toast value-wise since emissions scandal.

Based on their cycle of rebates, you are likely better off buying a leftover 2019 in the spring for mega-rebates.
In WI last March rebates/disc on Golf GTI’s were near 10k.


You’re right; even now for one dealer in particular I shot them a super lowball offer for selling price and they came back saying no way to that number for the lease, but would be happy to sell the vehicle for that price. But like you mentioned on the residual value on the VWs, it’s one of the many reasons I’d rather lease than buy.

I’m in no rush, though. I currently own an older sedan that I’d like to replace with a leased midsize SUV, but am more than happy waiting it out for some good deals to pop up on other models I’m looking at (Q3/Q5, Tiguan, RDX, X1).