LEASE CHECK - 2019 BMW 330i w/ M sport package

Just double checked with salesman. The buy rate if I buy lease in full is .00128. Its marked up to .00158 paying lease month to month. Residual for 36/10K is 61%

No MSDs offered.

I’ve never seen MSDs offered. You need to tell them you want to do MSDs.

as you pointed out you can verify that data with Edmunds. They also did just launch a new lease deal evaluator that actually takes all the lease data and checks their MF and other data points. Check it out:

I don’t think this a particularly useful tool, as it provides no information regarding the lease terms on what they’re showing as a comparison deal. On both of my current vehicles, their comparison deal is about $200 more per month than what I’m paying with an extra $1000ish das.

Hmmm that is a good point. But would you really want to see the lease information of a comparison that your lease beat? You will get lease information if the evaluator is able to find a lease that is a “better” deal then what you inputted. I wonder if they could add additional information to clarify that.

Programs change frequently with car companies. BMW does offer great incentives for certain vehicles from time to time, but the best way to evaluate a deal is the percent off MSRP, minimizing dealer add on and “junk fees,” and whether they are marking up the interest rate.

Having a monthly amount you want to spend is great when you’re making a budget for yourself, but certain cars just don’t fit the equation in terms of a fixed monthly… I encourage my clients to play around with the lease calculator (that I supply to them), so they can see exactly how the numbers look at the end of 24/36 months, rather than trying to deceive them by giving them a monthly number !

That is fair. For % off MSRP what is typically considered a good deal?

I suppose it depends on the setting. For LeaseHackr standards, it seems unicorns are all the craze, but I think those are more about being in the right place at the right time.

No car salesman for BMW will really survive discounting every car they sell for 10-11% off MSRP, nor should they have to. They are trying to make a living as well and it’s a tough market for them!

With that being said, I do think 9-10% off MSRP before incentives is a very decent deal (for a new car, not a demo). No dealer can say they robbed you if you manage a discount like that.

Fair enough. So for a demo w/ 3510, 15% seems reasonable?
What all do incentives include, exactly? Is that stuff like Loyalty credit, etc?

A few posts up, you said the guy was offering you the base Money Factor (MF) if you do a one-pay lease. But they inflate it if you do month to month.

Even though the discount of 15% may be “decent,” they are taking away savings from you with the bumped up MF. I would steer away from this deal unless it’s the one car and build that you really want. In that case, it’s up to you…

“Incentives” are things like lease credit (which everyone can get), and other things like Conquest / Loyalty, Grad discount, Military discount.

With Demos / Loaners, some incentives are restricted depending on how many miles are on the car.

I am planning to go in to negotiate for 15% w/ base money factor.
I’ll also see what incentives are available for the loaner with close to 5000 miles.

You’ll need to define what close to 5000 miles is. There’s a big difference on BMW loaners between a car with 4999 miles and a car with 5001 miles

yea you’re right.
Listed 3510 miles

Plastidip will not last on the wheels. They need to be powdercoated. Who’d want a new BMW with Plastidip’d wheels.

Weird, the wheels on my Mercedes have been plastidipped for about 5 years and still look as good as the day I did them. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you don’t have first hand experience with properly applied and maintained plastidip.

On a leased vehicle, if you’re going to powdercoat your wheels, you might as well just buy a second set as you’re obligated to return in the condition you leased.

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