LEASE CHECK - 2019 BMW 330i w/ M sport package

Hi All!

First time leasing and using this very helpful forum!
I’ve been looking into leasing a 2019 330i with a the M-Sport package in Portimao blue and wanted to get your input on the following deal I received. Location is Houston, TX, and vehicle is a demo w/ 3510 miles on it.

MSRP: $50,060
(base cost $40250, portimao blue $550, M sport package $5000 remote engine start $300, heated front seats $500, Park distance control $200,Apple car play comp. $500, Live cockpit pro $1600,wheel locks $115, first aid kit $50)
Discount $5000 (assuming because it is demo w/ miles)
Rebate $2500
Adjusted price - $42560
Phantom footprints $259 (can I negotiate this away?)
Perma Plate $399 (can I negotiate this away?)
Total purchase $43218
Doc Fee $157
Tax: $2760 (since this is TX, I think taxes are levied on entire price of car?
Fees: $1130
Net price: $47265.93

Based on these numbers, for 36/10,000, the cost is $591/month + 2500 cash down. The vehicle was sold, but then went back on the market 2 weeks later. I asked the salesman the best deal he could do, and he quoted $591 a month + $1500 cash down.
I still feel like this is a bit high.

I dont know what the residual or MF is, but for my calculations I’ve assumed .00128, and 61%
Using the calculator, I calculated something closer to $467/ month, $0 down. What are your thoughts on this deal? Any pointers to negotiate? I also want them to put tint on the windows, and black out the rims for me.

Thanks all!

Your discount is horrible for a demo.
You need more info to evaluate the rest of the deal, but you’re a long long way off a good deal on a demo 19.

Also, don’t have them tint the windows or black out the wheels. Take it to a tint shop to do the windows. You’ll get a higher quality product for less money. Find someone that can plastidip the wheels, so you black them out without permanently effecting the wheels.

Thank you @mllcb42 for the quick reply!
What would be a good discount to shoot for, for a demo?
What info do I need to evaluate rest of the deal? Thoughts on the phantom footprint and perma plate?

Noted on the wheels and tint. I could probably plastidip myself, that is a good point.

There are a bunch of threads on here regarding demo 330s that will be able to answer the pre-incentive discount question better than I, but I suspect your discount is several thousands low.

Yes, get rid of the phantom footprint and permaplate nonesense. Just say no.

You need to find what MF they’re actually charging, as this will change what the appropriate discount is. It looks like you calculated a lower number than they quoted when using base MF, so it’s probably marked up.

Verify what the residual and incentives should be with edmunds.

OK I see. Yea I’ve seen a couple of posts saying shoot for 15%, so if that is the case I need to get an additional $2500 off. So total would be $10K off w/ rebates.

Even 15% seems low compared to some I have seen on a 19 demo 330, depending on how long it’s been on the lot. You should also verify incentives before coming up with a post incentive discount.

You should consider hitting up @Electric (although he has a separate broker name now). That discount is what you would expect for a new vehicle, not a Demo.

If they will not increase the discount, ask for tax credit to offset the tax by 5.25%.

You could try for both if you like but tax credits are very limited so they’re not really being used on many loaner or higher discount deals unless it’s something that really needs to go ASAP.

Ditch the extra stuff. Check some of the brokers on here there are lower payments with fees and msds down for M340s. Too much for a 330 let alone a demo.

@Electric @mllcb42 @Looters @NurseAl
I think my goal is to achieve 1% of the MSRP, or right at $500 a month. $0 down.
Does this sound right? Also, is the 1% rule of thumb supposed to be before, or after tax? Does it change for TX if taxes are levied on the whole purchase instead of just the monthly lease price?

For new? No.

1.1% with 1st DAS is generally about as good as it’s going to get without tax credits, get rid of the permaplate, and phantom footprints trash.

It doesn’t exist. It’s a bs rule of thumb that’s not a useful measurement of anything. Ignore it and measure this deal against others of similar vehicles.

While it’s generic and archaic it is actually a somewhat valid metric in Texas when it comes to BMW’s seeing as it’s fairly difficult to attain without tax credits. Maybe VA as well.

A stopped clock is right twice a day. Doesn’t make it a useful tool for telling time.



Of course. I sometimes feel like we need a specific section on states where sales tax is either front loaded or paid on the entirety of the purchase price… Tags are useful to identify but not always used.

I think the bigger issue is people that try to evaluate a deal based on monthly payment instead of more comparable metrics like pre-incentive discount at an equivalent MF. Everything else is so dependent on the particular situation that it isn’t useful for comparison.

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I agree. And while most of my clients are savvy in this manner due to the originating source: I can promise that if I started advertising in less educated forums or media a good 80%+ of my client base would be payment focused.

I don’t doubt that, but people in theory come here to educate themselves on how to get the best deal possible and the first step of that should be switching the focus off of monthly payments.


I completely agree with this. I am not normally so focused on the monthly payment aspect, and usually total cost of the vehicle, but the monthly payment seems easier to use as a quick reference.

@Electric if I use 1.1%, that makes the payments to be $550 w/ $0 down so I’m not too far off with the $591. I think I could negotiate to this level, if I can remove the perma plate and phantom footprint cost.
Also next course of action is to see what kind of discounts people are getting with a 2019 Demo.
I’m mostly just looking for a realistic goal to aim for, instead of going into the dealership guns blazing asking for some discount that has no basis. If $550 is a fair/good deal, then I know what number to shoot for but if you think $500 is achievable I hate leaving money on the table.

At this point you need $2,200 or about 4.5% to get there but that’s still pretty average for a loaner. I get new fairly regularly down to that range assuming loyalty.