Lease Car Accident - AMG A 35

Hi Team,

I had a few questions on a lease car accident I had this past Friday. Unfortunately had a fender bender, the bumper got damaged, grill damaged, possible damage to hood and left headlight. Just got a quote for 11k for the entire thing.

  1. Do I need to inform Mercedes regarding the incident?
  2. I started the claim with my insurance company, also dropped off my car at a Mercedes Benz Certified Collision Center. Besides this anything else you will recommend?

Sorry to hear you’re going through that, but hope all are well and uninjured.

I was going to suggest you read the lease agreement but I think it’s clarified online - per the MBFS site, looks like you may want to reach out to them too, but you seem to be on the right path already with regards to the collision center. At the end of the day, you want it to be repaired to their specs for turn in (keep all the documents/receipts from the repair off to the side - just in case) so that the lease-end inspector doesn’t ding you.

Source: Frequently Asked Questions | Mercedes-Benz USA

Hope it all gets fixed up soon!


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