Lease calculator setup for 2021 XC90

Hi - I’m in the process of getting quotes for an XC90 Inscription AWD 7 seat… 36/10k. I’m in NY.

A dealer just gave me this info: MSRP: $68,925, Sale price: $62,200. $3340 due at signing, monthly payment $790.

I got the MF and residual from Edmunds: .00122 MF ,57% residual. $2750 lease bonus

I tried to plug this into the lease calculator and was able to mostly back into the numbers the dealer gave, but i’m not sure if it’s entirely accurate. Do I need to get more info from the dealer to do this right?


You always want to verify the MF the dealer is charging. Also, where are you getting $4k in incentives from?

Also, your dealer fees and gov fees need updated

Should be 95 and 400-500ish for most cases.

Thanks - I am waiting to hear back to see what the MF and residual he used are.

For the incentives, I took it off the inventory page at the dealership. They list the car with a $2500 dealer allowance, and $1500 loyalty cash. I’m not totally clear how that jibes with what they told me on Edmunds, which is $2750 lease bonus, but I just backed that out of the quote the dealer gave me.

Generally those listings are for purchase incentives, not lease incentives.

Do you have a current volvo?

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I don’t, but he may be giving it to me because others in my family have bought from this person before. Is it important to get a breakdown of this? I suppose that’s needed in order to discern the actual % off MSRP they’re giving you?

He’s not giving you loyalty - dealers submit paperwork to VCFS for that. Incentives are what Edmunds told you - $2,750. Something like this:

He’s selling at invoice, discount is too low and you should do MSDs