Lease BMW M3 Question

Didn’t shop around too much, but what do you guys think should be the monthly payment?

No no the payment is 860$ all included. I am not quite sure of the residual. I am asking :slight_smile:

No dude, your payment is higher. There’s no way your drive offs are 7k without some cap cost reduction in there. Either post the breakdown or ask the dealer to break it down for you.

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How can you think the payment is 860 when there’s 7,000 due at signing?

Well that’s what the paper says.

Total Drive off : $7000 and $860 tax included.

No other fee nada. So is it good or bad ? I am not quite sure?

There you go I am attaching it :

You should reach out to the SoCal dealers here in the forum. I’m sure they can help out.

Because your down payment is ~5700…all that’s doing is prepaying your monthly payments…

If I offered you 850 with 10k due at signing, would you say your monthly payment is 850?

Hold the phone. This guy has no idea what a down payment is?

You should put 76k down! Your payments would be zero!!!


I can get you a Lambo for 840 per month

:mumbles something due at signing:


That is not a lot of information. What you should ask is Residual value and money factor. What you are responsible for is the (selling price - residual value) + the interest. In your case, what is the “upfront charge”? $2407 isn’t a smaller amount. You down payment is $5725. This is equvialent to $160/mon for 36 month. So with $0 down, you montly would have been $1000+. Seem pretty high for a a $82K MSPR car. then also ask if BMW will reduce MF with MSD, which they usually do.

BTW, which dealer?

I stronggggggggggggggly suggest you get a broker. It’s pretty obvious you have no idea how leasing works.

Your real payment is $1069 per month.

The line item that says “Total cap reduction: $5,725.64” is money you are choosing to put down but absolutely should not be.

Upfront charges are admin fees and taxes, but total cap reduction is just funny money you’re throwing it at. Your goal should be to roll everything into the monthly so you are paying literally nothing to drive off the lot. That way, you’ll know your true monthly payment.

OP is a dealer’s dream. They can ask. How much do you want the payment to be? The payment includes all taxes!! what a deal…

[OF course, the money due at signing does not count]… Everyone knows that :slight_smile:

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Thank you @28firefighter.

OP please pm me your email or phone.

I’m in the bay area and we can figure this out, wonder if you are dealing with someone at my dealership.

Thank you!

Found the car, not mine.

I would’ve hoped it wasn’t your dealer. Regardless, figured you’d be able to help them out.