[Lease Battle] BMW i3 Rex vs. Jaguar XE 25t

Hi folks!

I’m new to car leasing/purchase altogether and had few questions I’m hoping the community can help answer.

I test drove the 2017 BMW i3 Rex & 2017 Jaguar XE 25t today with a plan to lease a car in few weeks. I was set on leasing the XE prior to today as I had test drove it beforehand at an event and really liked it. I was curious about the i3 for awhile though, so I decided to give it a drive before I settled on a model and HOLY CRAP I really loved the i3 experience. I thought I was certain I would make my model decision by EOD, but I came home pretty torn. They both have pros & cons that weigh each other out, so I decided to choose based on lease options.

This is where I need some help!

My ideal situ:

  • Lease with MSD & no down payment (:no_entry_sign:Jaguar doesn’t offer MSD)
  • 36 months with 10,000-12,000/miles per year (BMW also offers 24 months on i3 which I’m open to)
  • Willing to put down up to $3,000 for MSD or down payment
  • Max monthly payment willing to pay is $350 including tax - lesser the better of course :smiley:
  • Credit score 730

2017 BMW i3 Rex MSRP ~$51,000 with Parking Assist Package & Moonroof add-on
RV/MF - 58% / ???
$7,500 Lease credit
Will max MSD

2017 Jaguar 25t MSRP ~$37,000 with Rear view camera add-on
RV/MF - 58% / 0.00072
$1,000 Lease credit
Open to putting up to $3,000 for down payment if necessary

EDIT: I’m based out of LA, Socal

So my question is how should I tackle getting the dealer discounts & finding out the selling price with both cars in mind? Should I follow up with the agents I did test-drives with or mass email dealerships hoping they come back with competitive prices? If the latter, do I state in the email the selling price I’m hoping to get or do I ask them to come back to me with their best offer? Should I reveal my ideal lease stats from the start or only talk MSD/down payment once the selling price is settled?

A lot of these are general leasing questions but once again, I’m totally new at this so hoping someone can spread some words of wisdom. One of the sales reps today brought out the four-square paper :sweat_smile: and pressed me to give him my down payment + monthly payment numbers which intimidated the heck out of me. I told him it’s too early to reveal numbers & and I want to talk selling price first…

If anyone has experience leasing with Jaguar and know how much they discount in average - please let me know! There seems to be less data on Jaguar on the forum than the popular i3.


My big question is where are you located?

Users here reported 12-15% off i3s last month, combine that with targeted incentives and you’ve got a crazy payment for a 50k+ MSRP car.

Your right, there is not much info on Land Rover/Jaguar leases here. Main reason being that they aren’t favorable, the lease programs I mean. From what I’ve seen with Jaguar it’s weird, I’ve seen some of the higher end sedans be heavily discounted while the smaller end sedans dealers try to go for full msrp or a 1-2k discount.

Try going on TrueCar and making a dummy account, and seeing what discounts dealers are offering on the model you are looking at, and then push for another 1-2k off.

I’m in Los Angeles. I did notice the significant mark-off on i3s + the government incentives which make i3s very popular.

I saw a Truecar deal on the Jag XE for ~$2,500 off which is about 7% off MSRP. They didn’t really reveal discount numbers in-person when I was at the dealership earlier which makes me think they wanted to go full MSRP :confused: I’ll def consider adding another $1~2k off when I get in touch with them!

Do you qualify for the corporate fleet program with BMW? If so I can do a draw up on a sample i3deal for you…

I don’t qualify for the fleet program sadly. Wish I did!

MSRP: 49145
Sales Price: 42433
14% off MSRP
Cap cost reduction: $0
Acquisition Fee: $925
Miles/yr: 10k
Residual: 58% at 10,000 miles/yr
Months: 36
MF: 0.00134 (watch out, getting the base rate can be a major B)
MSD: 7
MF after MSD: 0.00085
Document Fee: 80
License/Registration Fee: 400
Sales Tax: 8.75% (LA Tax)
Monthly Payment (w/tax) $280ish
Drive Off: $3,550 (around) (msds, and drive off fees, no cap cost redux)

And assuming your income isn’t in a upper bracket you should qualify for the California Rebate program and that’s $2,500 (or $4,500 of your income is on the lower side) so your net drive off should be around 1k.

This is what I would present to a dealer, and ask them to match/come within a few bucks or they can watch you walk out the door… hope I am helping lol…

Wowow this is amazing!! :open_mouth:

Can you explain the base rate for MF? Is MF just set by the maker or is this dependent on the credit score at all?

The base rate of 0.00134 is set by BMWFS, now this is all assuming tier one and of course lower the tier higher the base rate goes, but a dealer can add 0.00040 to the MF for their profit regardless of what tier you qualify for.

There were at least two negotiation-related threads w/in the recent few months. Both worth reading :eyeglasses:

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In order for you to qualify for $2,500 California rebate, make sure your lease term is at least 30month(or longer)

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Regarding the XE, I checked with a buddy of mine that works at a Jag dealership in California. Probably 2-3k off the car. Not much of a difference between invoice and MSRP.


Hey off topic but quick question, not sure if you can help me out here. If you work for a company that has the BMW corporate fleet membership can it be applied to close family members as well? Say my daughter was leasing a BMW in her name, can I apply the corporate fleet discount to that? Or is the discount only valid on vehicles in my name?

@sub28 - There is a long arse thread on Bimmerfest about the corp fleet discount. On post #109, a contributor posted the following regarding a similar question:

“The easy answer is this. According to an email I received on 4/26/2016 from the Corporate Group Fleet office of BMWNA, immediate family members can utilize a Corporate Fleet account of a relative, without that person being on the contract. They just have to complete a Customer Information Form (CIF). Your CA can print that form.”

Here is a link to the thread.


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Awesome! Thank you so much. Will give it a look.

Thanks for looking into that!

I contacted the Jag dealers today and the first one I got was ~$1,600 off MSRP which is not good. I saw $4,000 off on Truecar and hoping I can get something in this range.