Lease Assumption Question - BMW Credit Application Decision


Hi All-

I have someone who submitted an application to assume my BMW lease and he got the following message:

“We have reached a decision regarding your credit application for a lease assumption. Please contact a Customer Service Advocate at 800-578-5000 to discuss your application.”

Of course, they’re closed, so he has to wait until Monday to call. Does anyone have any insight into this? If this means it’s a conditional approval, if he’ll need a co-signer, etc. I figured if it’s a denial, they would just deny him?

Thanks in advance.

It’s likely a denial but they’ll reconsider with a co-signer.

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Ah. Well, he did secure a co-signer, just in case, so hopefully he’ll be approved then.


From the wording you posted, that sounds like the standard BMW denial email :-(. They will absolutely not discuss this with you (only the applicant). If they did not apply with a cosigner, BMW may allow them to append the app (without repaying the app fee) with a cosigner.

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If you don’t mind me asking, what was your outcome with this?

I have a party trying to assume my lease, and they just got the same message. Thanks.

Hey, of course.

Unfortunately, his application was declined, however when your applicant calls BMW, they will have the option to reapply with a co-signer. Takes another day or so to get a decision, but they won’t have to pay the assumption fees again.

Thanks for the detailed info.

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