Lease an older car..?

Is it foolish to lease an older car? Like a 2018?

Well, not all 2018s still have lease support. So, it’s really dependent on if the car you’re looking at is even leasable.

You can probably find some third party bank, credit union, etc that will lease you anything you want, but those leases aren’t really the “conventional” type of lease that is usually discussed here. Anything that doesn’t have manufacturer/Captive lender lease programs (which at this point would mean virtually all 2018 vehicles besides a very select and dwindling choice of BMW cars) would only be available through third parties. They usually use much more realistic (read: worse) residual values, which mean terrible leases. And since manufacturers aren’t supporting them, there’s probably not much in terms of incentives either. Long story short, it’s probably a total waste of time, unless you are hunting one of those BMWs left over that are still supported.