Lease advise on 2018 530e

Hello All,

Wanted to get everyone’s advice on this 2018 530e and if this is a good deal?

2018 530e
$60,645 MSRP
$53,987 Selling Price
-$2,000 Loyalty
-$1,000 OL Code
-$ 500 Costco
-$ 500 Lease cash

MF 0.00166
Residual 60%

$548/mo no tax
$591/mo incl tax (Orange County, CA)


11% off (plus the dealer pays $500 of the OL) is great for a new car

Too bad there’s only $500 lease cash

I know it’s been discussed few times but I recommend signing up for BMWCCA and get a rebate check for $1000. I do believe you’ll have to drop the $500 Costco tho. Costco count as “fleet” so doesn’t qualify for BMWCCA rebate.

I didn’t see any “fleet” restriction on the BMWCCA rebate application? Unless I’m either missing it or it’s worded another way?

I’m in NY and the dealer covered 2 pmts on my old lease, so not apples to apples. Mine was a loaner with just under 4K miles, so seems close to your deal, which is new.

MSRP: $61,560
Selling: $52,450
Rebates: $3,000 (repeat bmw leaser)
Final selling: $49,450
MF: .00166
Term: 36 mo/12k
1st pmt, taxes, fees, etc $3,550
Month: $542

This is what I’ve been able to get so far:

MSRP $65,575
Discount -$5,045
Conquest rebate -$1,000

Sub-total $59,530

MF .00222
Out the door $3,000, fees + deposit
$787/mo for 3 yr., 12k mi lease

CA rebate for a plug-in hybrid is $7,000 I think and I know BMW gets that so I figured they should be able to lower the discount more and lower their MF (I told him their buy rate was not .00222 and he agreed but refused to lower it….but I barely know what I am talking about)

I think this deal is terrible but I guess I wanted affirmation to tell them to stick this deal where the sun don’t shine.

Does anyone know what the buy rate for BMW is right now?

It’s 0.00182 IIRC…