Lease advise - BMW 540i

My lease is up on my 2019 540i in June; I’ve been contemplating on what to do… lease another BMW through a broker on this site or finance my current one and see where things go in a year?

Also thought of financing instead of leasing. I really like the Audi S7 - would this car be a bad choice for financing?

It’s hard to give advice since people’s value drivers differ so much, but here is my thought process:

I’m purchasing my leased vehicle (lease ends in June).

There’s nothing suitable to lease at a similar total lease cost as what I have now, and there’s literally nothing else I’d want to buy instead that’s priced in the same neighborhood as my RV.

Perhaps most importantly, the RV represents a significant discount over what acquiring a similar vehicle would cost, so it’s the best deal out there for a car I’d actually want to drive.

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Is this the 7 series or the m550? IDR which one you are leasing.

He bought the M550 CPO. I can’t believe I remember that.

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@Zenek posted up a good article about BMW production delays so I don’t recommend ordering another BMW.

The 7.

I looked into trading it for an AWD version of the same car.

The only one I found that I wanted… same year, 1,000 fewer miles (but more equipment)…

was ~$19,000 more than my buyout (before taxes and other transaction costs).

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Why not trade it in, cash the equity, then take over a lease of an AWD of what you want, then buy that out or ride it out? Too much hassle?

I don’t think there’s enough equity there to make it worthwhile… plus, where am I going to find a suitable lease to take over?

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I’d personally lean towards the S7.

BMW lease programs are garbage right now, payments are often double pre-pandemic and the 540i is still basically the same car today as a 2019 with a minor facelift.

Half of the torturous fun.

To the original question, I love the S7 and aside from a brief tech update with minor stuff you won’t find a diff between a 2019 and 22 5 series

Thanks for the replies! For the S7 I assume financing would be the way to go than leasing, do you think there would be an equity if I decided to get trade/sell the car in a few years?

The concept of “equity” when financing is borderline meaningless.

The quicker you pay it off, the quicker you accumulate equity. That’s just a function of paying off a loan quicker.

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