Lease advice / car advice

Hey guys just wondering what kind of credit are you guys running with to get these kind of deals with 0-minimal down payments for these vehicles.

Currently I am paying way to much for a mustang gt 2016 sport package (500+ month)

Any advice?

usually tier 1 credit would be 700 at the minimum

the down payment or sales price is not affected by credit. Credit only determines the interest rate of the car loan, or Money Factor on leases. Some lenders require 720+ for tier 1 rates, others sightly higher at 740+.

if you NEED to be within a certain monthly payment range, you might be asked to put money down, BUT i would reverse engineer the payment to make sure nothing s being added on.

a lot of times, both in auto industry and mortgage, salesmen are opportunistic with the slightest credit imperfections - that should’t be so.

Thank you for the reply hmm I am trying to strategies how to get rid of this extremely expensive auto loan.
I owe 26k on it I wonder if I can just sell it privately.
My credit is horrible thought mid 600’s.

What is the current interest rate? Maybe try to refinance.

It’s at 9.0
I looked into refinancing it doesn’t make much of a difference