Lease advice $400/month full size SUV?

My lease is up in two weeks and I can’t find anything I like. wanted the Lexus RX450 hybrid but the numbers aren’t adding up. Looking more and more like the Mazda CX-9.

Any suggestions at the $400 range?

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You’ll be hard pressed to get a CX-9 at sub $400 monthly. Unless it’s a base model… Mazda lease programs aren’t great, and dealers don’t discount the CX-9 very well. Thus, you don’t see many people on here posting about their CX-9 deals…

I am a fan of the CX-9 though. If it had a panoramic roof, I’d get one over the Land Rover I’m pursuing…

you looking at the Velar? I like that car but this is for my wife and theres too much tech in it for her.

I’m looking at the Velar P 380S, the Discovery HSE, and the Discovery Sport HSE Lux…

The Velar and Disco Sport have great MF and decent RV, so can be leased fairly well if you can get a decent discount. The full size Discovery (which is what I really want) has an inflated MF so doesn’t lease well unless you get a hefty discount north of 20%…

The Velar just doesn’t have a decent back seat. It’s cramped for adults, and ok for kids. 3 years from now I’ll have a 16 year old pushing 5’10" and I don’t think he’ll fit in a Velar. So I may go for the Disco Sport which has a huge backseat (largest in the segment) but has less tech and a less luxurious feel in my opinion…

OP you mean mid size suv right ? Cause the cx9 and the rx are not full size.

but the CX has a third row? if those are mid-size than yes that’s what I’m looking for. what’s a full size suv than?

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Escalade, Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban… etc…

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Acadia worth a look …

the discover looks great but the gasoline engine only get a combined mpg of 18!!! that means city, which they don’t list must be 14. Living in LA it’s all city driving. I’d go broke feeding that thing.

Test drove a lot of compact and midsize SUVs in April/May and the CX-9 was our favorite. FWD Touring with premium package is probably the best you can do at $400 level. The two things we didn’t like: infotainment is somewhat dated and ingress/eagress could be better.

It’s listed as 16 on the Land Rover site. 21 Highway, and 18 combined… It’s the biggest downside of the vehicle imo. My Highlander is averaging 25.5 mpg combined right now. 7.5 mpg less would result in an additional $640 per year in fuel costs assuming 12K miles.

so what did you end up getting?

Jeep Grand Cherokee most definitely. I don’t need a 3rd row though so your options may vary.

Went with a sedan in the end. Volvo S90. This was in April when the deals were still good.

Consider a Highlander Limited. Very nice truck, much nicer than it gets credit for.
Should be doable in the low to mid 400s with taxes in.

I was trying to buy this 2019 traverse premier but my credit score was Low. So they offered me to lease but it’s 800 per month. It’s too much for a lease right?

What was your credit score and tier?

I assume you need a 3rd row so a grand Cherokee is out. What about a Durango or Highlander?