Lease a c300 or c43 AMG advice

Hi There,

I came across this wonderful forum while researching my new lease options with Mercedes of Manhattan.

I’m about to custom order one of two options, and would appreciate your input on negotiations with a local dealer in Manhattan.

I went to the Manhattan MB location and was quote the following on a $58k generic custom build:

Term 36 months, can’t recall if this was a 7.5/10k miles per year
$58,000 MSRP
Acquisition: $1,095
State Tax: $2,461.62
$54,520 Cash Sale Price
59% Residual
Driveoff: $877.60
Monthly: $773.44

Please let me know your thoughts as I would like to order a C300 4matic coupe custom value at $58,000 or a C43 AMG custom value of $61,160

Thank you so much

Why are you custom ordering it? Are you not able to ask the dealer for dealer trade (If you can’t travel out of state)? Do you have a preference over the engine? That would determine if you really want to go with the C43 or C300

How people pay 700+ for the c43 is beyond me. Much better options at that price.

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Curious to hear what the much better options are.

What is the “$58k generic custom build”? If it’s the c300 and they are quoting you $773 a month RUN AWAY

As for which car, they are totally different so if your basis of comparison is price, you are thinking about it the wrong way. Also, any dealer can do a custom order for you, if you have your builds saved, start contacting other local places to see what they will discount for you, the Manhattan location isn’t the only game in town and I would imagine least likely to work with you on discounting.

one would be the 340 or the 440 which would both be cheaper and almost as fast. You want to be faster? no problem. buy a jb4 depending on location they go for 500-1000 and BOOM youll be faster.

Fair enough. Not the OP but personally came from an F30 before the C Class so I had to cross out the 340/440 off my list. For me, the only other option was the S4 that was in the 7XX+ range as well.

Thank you guys for the quick responses. To clarify the $58k generic custom was a general model of a c300 4matic coupe.

I’m debating where I can negotiate with the dealer. The Fees seems high to me.

You can negotiate down the Acq. fee to 795.
You have a lot of room on the selling price. Go for at least 12% (AMGs are harder to negotiate)

Acquisition is marked up from $795 and no MSDs but take the holland and a quick 30 min drive over to ray catena in edison and you can.

I have the 340i m sport it’s faster and handles better