Lease a 2020 TLX, wait for the 2021, or back to the drawing board?

I have a 2018 TLX with a lease that ends on Oct 31. The deals that I have been given so far on a 2020 have been horrible as you can imagine with the inventory here in Arizona and no interest in moving what inventory they have.

For the 4 cylinder, they are suggesting I pay about $150 a month more per month than I am paying right now and that is for the exact same terms for the 2018 V6 (DAS, mileage, etc.). That is hard to stomach when the car has been completely redesigned.

I am assuming the 2021’s will not have any reasonable deals for a long time and I might not be able to touch one in October.

Just wanted to get any feedback/thoughts. Should I aggressively pursue the 2020 or is there just not enough inventory? I am assuming I will be better off with another Acura since I did like the car even though it is not a fan favorite and will be over about 7K miles on the lease. Suck it up, pay the overage fees and then get something else as the 2021’s are going to be overpriced?

Thanks for your input! I am in AZ, but would go to CA for a deal.

I was going through this with my recent lease. My suggest is to go with another Acura because of this reason:

They forgive mileage and wear and tear if you lease another. I don’t know the exact specifics but you can look through. My crystal ball says that 2021 is a redesign and you will not find a good lease. Generally takes some time before you get something good. This is already on top of the other problem of inventory running out for most brands and dealers. Depending on how much work you want to do, you can call dealers in Socal (LA probably) and see what numbers they give that’s good for you compared to any other decent TLX deals here. If you really want to be cheap, drive that thing back home to AZ.

Don’t get the 2020. It’s already an outdated look and seeing 21s on the road will make it really annoying. Wait a few months and there should be decent deals on the 21

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It makes no sense to overpay for a 2020/2021 TLX just to save the overage and disposition fees.

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My next thought is to get an ILX as I need two cars anyway. That way it won’t be too annoying with the new TLX’s as I will have my old Civic :slight_smile: and then get the TLX or something completely different in a few months.

The overage and then the scratches/dinks are what I worry about the most. I guess I can get an estimate, but if it is going to be $2K+, that will cover a good number of the 36 months on another car.

If you get an ILX, you’ll have two old civics.


There are better sedan options out there than the TLX. You should cross shop other brands/models if you’re not getting a good deal. The sedan market is soft - you should be able to negotiate a good deal on a car you like. A4, S60, 3 Series, C Class, Mazda 6, Gensis G70 etc.

I think it’ll take longer than that. The pricing is up on the new TLX, and the current TLX didn’t start getting aggressive offers until the 3rd/4th model years.

That said, if you have a good lease payment on your 2018 V6, why not extend it out as far as they’ll let you?

Yeah went through this same dilemma with my 18 TLX going back 9/16. I just couldn’t justify leasing a 20. There’s no reason change and the 21 looks like it’s going to be nice, but doubt any good deals for a while. Ended up going with a 3 series. Cost me more, but I love the car.


Acura should allow you two extensions of 6 months at a time BUT, being the fact that 2021 will hit lots in October, dont expect deals to get better the first 8 to 10 months.

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That was going to be my suggestion, see about an extension. Does Acura also prorate additional miles, or just sell you more time?

They prorate. Same with Honda.

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OK, going to look for the extension or just suck it up and find another sedan (and/or SUV) that has a 3rd row for the family. I was up for the MDX that I don’t even like and then realized they are next in line for the major overhaul.