Lease 36/10,000 Give me some advice

Ok…so I looked at the RX 350 f sport nice. Gx 460 too.
Seems like their Residuals are pretty good. I can do MSD.
Opinions on them or suggestions on anything? The F sport seemed like a rough ride although the guy put in sport mode. I want to be in $ fives or less.

Hi Dee. Same advise as last month as nothing really has changed. For the F-Sport, I think the best you can do is high $500s if you put max MSDs. When I got mine in Dec, I qualified for $3k in incentives (which aren’t available anymore) and my payment with $499 after tax ($4723 drive-off, of which $4500 was MSDs). I did roll almost everything into the lease though. Good luck.

Are you happy with the RX?

It was for my wife, but we do like it. The only thing we don’t like is the padding/cushion on the lower part of front seats that come with the F-Sports, but the overall looks of the F-Sport made up for that small flaw.

If you don’t like the ride, don’t get it. At least not in that configuration

Have you thought about Infiniti QX60 or Acura RDX?

I did consider taking the MDX for a ride. Idk if it was sport mode or just the ride. …but that white with the red interior was SHARP! Also got 10% off msrp thank to the tips from Jon.

Sport mode is stiffer than normal driving mode, but the F-Sports in general are stiffer than the non F-Sports trims. Make sure you like it as you will be stuck with it for 3 years. I know what you mean about the White/Red :heart_eyes:. However, I ended up getting White/Black as I thought our love for the red interior might change over time. White/black is timeless.

My wife really likes her base RX350 with white and the brown interior (not parchment). Smooth ride, comfortable, and still pretty well loaded. Only bummer is that her’s doesn’t have the full pano moonroof since we didn’t feel that was worth an extra $4k in options to get it.

She wasn’t a fan of the F-Sport styling, too aggressive for her.

I could do without the pano roof too. I test drove one with it and wasn’t impressed.

Everyone is also telling me I should test drive the BMW X5.

X5, X3 with options, Infiniti SUV’s, Mercedes GLC, GLE, and the Jag F-Pace are all also great luxury SUV’s that are worthy of checking out.

Can get a good deal on the Lexus and Infiniti, maybe a few X3’s or X5’s. Jag’s and Benz’s are selling really well on their own, so would be tougher to get the great deal. But if it’s a vehicle you love, you might find it worth it to be paying $40 a month more instead of wishing you got something else.

It’s a crowded market!

I did see a few left over 2016 X5 50i around here. The residuals on 2016 are probably bad tho. I took the on advise on Lexus got best price in Baltimore, like you said.

Hard to find an X5 in the 500s but I’d be happy to be proven wrong here.

Me too! I’m going to say unlikely if you’re saying it. Definitely know more than me. Although I’m learning here!

I know in December a few people got X5 40e’s for under $520 a month. They had a lot of lease cash on the hood for those specifically.

Based on the other thread, it seems RDX can be done sub $400

No affiliation but this broker says they can get you an RX350 AWD for 499, $0 down

Or a GX460 for 549, $0 down

Ok ! ?..and Thanks for that. So far this what I got . MSRP $61,786 … sell price $55,765. Just emailed numbers nothing in writing $527 a month. 36/10,000 nothing down …4 MSD …not including tax title &plates.

Is it a leasing company similar to this one in the Chicagoland area?

Unfortunately I know nothing about them.