Lease 2018 Lexus RX350 AWD, NJ

Hi, i got this offer for premium package, MSRP 53,507, purchase price 48,600. The rate is .00055 and the residual is 56%. monthly payment is $511 excluding taxes and fees. What are you thoughts?

Lease term and mileages?
How much down payment?

10K/36 month, 0 down payment. only taxes and fees upfront $3,500

Ran reverse engineering for comparing NYC area regional Lexus offer which is $3999 DAS with 439/month.
Your offer looks 4.7% more discount than regional offer.
Try targeting additional 5 to 7% discount than regional offer, which means $574/month to $542 with $0 DAS.
The sweet spot is 45 month lease and this can be done under 1% rule IMO.

tips for the negotiation?

It is not hard and fast rule but look for the vehicle you want at multiple dealers. They are more inclined to get one out of their inventory than do dealer swap. Did you check money factor at edmunds To make sure they are not marking it up?

Where did you end with this?

Also anyone think this is realistic in NJ?