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Hi All,

It has been almost a year since I’ve been looking at BMW leases, and I know some things have changed. I’ve read varying reports in each of the following topics, so I was hoping I could get clarification on a couple of points.

  1. MSDs are back, but only for east coast and southern US? I wouldn’t be eligible in the Midwest?
  2. Loaners still get 500 free miles and then 25 cents per mile reduction in RV?
  3. BMW CCA rebate doesn’t apply to loaners?
  4. BMW is still not offering pull ahead?
  5. Assuming the 4th point is true, if I leased a new BMW this year and didn’t have to turn in my current BMW until Feb of next year, would BMW still charge me a disposition fee at turn in?

Thanks in advance.


You could answer a lot of these questions yourself by looking at this BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 10/01/2018 and the OP in that thread


Hi Boardwalk,

I checked that thread, looks like no-go on pull ahead. Didn’t see answers to the others.


More info here: BMW Wiki (BETA)

And here: BMW CCA - Rebate Enhanced, Immediate Availability

Search and look around. The resources are all out there.

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1)MSDs are back only if you currently have them
2) yes up until 5000 miles…then residual drops more
3) applies if under 1000 miles (only demos)
4) no pull ahead


All of these points are what I was able to come up with based on my own research, just wanted to confirm that what I came up with was still valid. From the links you shared looks like it all is.

Looks like there is some discrepancy on #3 between the application and what @Trato posted.


Good call ill fix my post. Thanks for the due diligence, this changes things for me now…


No problem, I thought it was the case, however I thought I read some recent posts that referenced CCA on loaners (but can’t seem to find them now).


I thought so too…but I cannot find the posts either ha


I believe this was the post I was thinking of: BMW 530e loaner deal check, please!

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Saw on Bimmerfest cca and loaner won’t work as well. Anyone else?


Not true. @nyclife has reported that east coasters at the dealership he works with can use MSDs. If his dealership is doing it, others should as well, provided they are willing participants. It’s not advertised though so you’d have to inquire.


OP of the thread I shared above was kind enough to let me know it didn’t work for him: BMW 530e loaner deal check, please!


Unless grandfathered in, No MSD in SoCal for BMW


Yeah, last I heard it was just east coast was piloting it


That’s pretty clear in the fine print I posted above yesterday…