Last week of the month - worth even trying for a deal on something in stock?

It’s the last week of the month. Targeting cars that have been on the lot for over 100 days. Theoretically, dealers will want to move them. Or is it a case of them so used to recent fat deals, that has jaded them into not even bothering to consider moving aging metal.

Logic says that if something has been there for 100 days, and they are waiting for MSRP, wouldn’t someone already have offered to buy the car? So thus they can’t move it at MSRP? Or if they wait another 30 days, that person will come in?

Worth the effort?

During a normal time, I would expect a car that’s been on the lot for a long period of time to be a good target. Right now, with inventory shortages, I generally assume that if a car is sitting on the lot for that long, it’s a good indicator that the dealer is unrealistic in their expectations. I would take it more as a red light than a green light personally. Not to say it isn’t worth a shot, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Is it German?

If so they’re probably asking for max rate markup and dealer adds.

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Miata soft top. Thinking of buying this time since they are offering 0.9%.

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i would say look to target vehicles that are more in stock. Those may help you get a good deal at EOM. Due to the current market condition, you may not see deals on most brands and/or vehicles.
I noticed alot of RDX standing in lots around dfw since the past two weeks.


I’m in DFW and struggling to find a vehicle, knowing whatever I decide it will make my top ten list of worst financial mistakes of my life due to present market dynamics. Really difficult to grasp the shift in concepts from best option to least bad. There does look to be numerous RDX on local lots. Since it is after hours I sent in inquiry through True Car to give me a starting point. Thanks for the comment about the DFW RDX supply.

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In Houston dealers are smug, condescending and downright rude when discussing any type of “deal”.

I’ve been laughed at, scoffed at, told I was “not serious”, “not realistic”, talked over, hung up on!! Just for mentioning lease incentives. I’ve visited most dealers in person, and some over the phone.

What I sensed was fear and frustration. These sales people are nervous, afraid and forced off their game. I suspect this mode of operation is unusual to them and that they are under immense pressure from managers. See if you can detect this yourself. I believe they want to do like they’ve always done - haggle and sell, but someone else is directing a new game unfamiliar to the average, regular car salesman.

To that end, I stopped shopping locally for now for an on the lot car, and instead pursued building one via a broker.

Also, dealerships were mostly empty… no customers … just a bunch of stale coffee. Weird.


Sales people make money off of volume. Some dealers used to do the same. However in the current market they have been focusing on profit per vehicle and those numbers have been off the charts.

Check AutoNations earnings they just released they have had a record quarter for the 3rd straight quarter. They are rolling in it. Dealers would love to keep with the status quo. They have never made more money. It won’t last though as car manufacturers want to sell as many cars as possible. They don’t care what dealers make per car. Eventually manufacturing will catch up and dealers will need to take more stock. Will we ever see deals like 2 years ago? Maybe not but these insane times won’t last.


Well depending on what you are looking for, I know VW has certain cuvs that are in stock as well excluding atlas on which they will make deals. But for luxury, rdx and tlx is what i have seen the most around dfw. Cx5 on the mazda side. Those are the only few I know of.

You’ll never know unless you put in the effort

Has AutoNation retained their “one price” business model currently ?

Pre-pandemic, I remember AutoNation did not up-charge / add ons and honored what was listed on their site as the price.

Their used cars are

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Yes. The price is just much higher.


4% off MSRP now and thrown in BS tint etc for free. Really tough market to buy in.

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Isn’t that about as good as these cars go for anyway?

I think I saw 6-7% in a high volume market?

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Looks like we’re starting to see the correction that was sorely needed.

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Agree with you about Houston. I have been shopping Audi and Porsche and have either talked to or been into all the respective dealers in the city. Max money factor with Porsche at all 3 dealers, not quite as bad at Audi, but still significantly marked up. Everyone seemed willing to give tax credits if they had them, but that was about it. Negligible discount off msrp if any, but totally offset by dealer fees or options.


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