Last minute check - e-Golf SEL

I hope this is a good deal…took a lot of back and forth. Was planning on getting it today.

The SEL Premium.
$2k down, $289 after tax/month (LA 9% tax.)

The SE is a lot cheaper…
This is in Santa Monica VW.

sorry - that’s for 10k/36 mo.

Yeah that’s a great deal. Congrats. You should be able to claim the 2.5k state credit.

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Yeah, the SEL has some cool features but the SE is massively less expensive.

There is also a great deal on the Ford C-MAX Energi (a PHEV) - $259/mo, $1500 down. I’m very confused. I LOVE the way the eGolf handles, but the C-MAX energi is more practical in that it’s go a gas/hybrid engine if you run out of electricity…and it’s interior is surprisingly nice. It’s kind of dorky looking, but seems like a smart car.

Pricing is almost into BMW i3 territory. I have a 10/30 at $301.xx with $0 zero down (not counting MSDs).

Hi RJ - thank you! you have an BMW i3 at $300/mo 10/30? The i3s had great deals, but now are a lot more at least in LALA land. I fear i should be waiting.

I got mine in January. Around August they had some even lower prices reported. If you can find a 2016 go for it. BTW mine is a REX (with the tiny motorcycle engine that saves the bacon when you run out of charge.)

Hi RJ - i have 2 school aged kids i schlep to school 2x/day so the i3 didn’t work out w/out the ability to roll-down the back windows…i fricken LOVED that car!!! out of the leaf, the volt, the c-max and the etron, i like the way the egolf drives the most…

I agree with that! I love the i3 but when I drive my wife and my tall 15 year old, it’s a real problem with the suicide rear doors.

They have the SE for $2999 down + and $79 / month plus tax, 7.5/36

Mossy VW has it for $1999 down + and $59 / month plus, 10/24 (so no CA rebate since it’s < 30 months)

Serramonte (NorCal) has it for $1999 down + and $19 / month plus, 7.5/24 ($2455 total lease + all fees and taxes, holy shit)

@kevin Thx for posting the sierramonte deal. I need to add the $500 as I dont quality for college grad rebate. So the down is $1500.
Does anyone know appeoximately how much the drive off is? $625 acquisition fee + DMV ($??) + License ($??) + anything else? Since they are knocking down the price, does the dealer collect taxes that part?

thank you Kevin! wow - that’s super cheap!!! The SE v SEL is kind of a biggesh deal for me because i have kids so the ‘leatherette’ fabric is important - what a crazy good deal though! these findings imply that the SEL would be way cheaper too!

FYI. You can have regular seats professionally covered in any trim of your choice. Cost 800 to 1.5k. When I was shopping a Prius which did not have leather, the dealer offered that as an alternative. So don’t pay more just for leather seats. WHen turning in the lease, these covers can be removed.