Last day of month deal on Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring AWD for 484 (incl taxes) $1000 DAS in FL(long story)

Hi All,

After moving to FL last night, I scored a good deal(hopefully) on Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring AWD with captain chairs for $484 incl taxes and $1000 DAS(which includes reg and first month payment). I just sold my Highlander before moving here and was not sure if I was going to get a deal on this crazy market. Was open for Tacoma or Kona or this one as all of these were leasing well this month(I know 3 different segments).

Started the search for this with some brokers here and was not getting a good deal then reached out to 30+ dealers in FL for Mazda in the last week and most of them were 600 or 700+. One asked 800+, lol.
There were 3 in the 500is range above 550 but willing to make a deal but no more room they said.

After losing hope, I was talking to a local guy for a cheap used car around 1:30pm today until the market settles down for a good deal. While waiting for his response, went for grocery shopping as we just moved here last night and one of the sales guy asked if I can come today for a good deal on GT. He earlier told me he cannot even do Touring for my 500ish expectation but asked around 3:00. they close at 4 and after discussing back and forth to make sure there is no string attached, started to drive around 3:45 2ith 80 miles away and reached there by 4:54…

Applied for insurance while driving which took about 20 mins and when i reached there he was ready with car and confident he can make this for 484 with 1000 DAS(they dint even run my credit till). After 30 mins they came in from finance and all cleared and almost 15-20 mins got the car with no issues in last minute.

i had a rental car which I dropped in nearby airport and then took an uber to get the car (was like 4 miles away).

Still felt the deal was unreal, until I saw the numbers before i signed as everyone was asking over 600. It was a black and black and love the car already. Hope this helps someone as well to keep trying. I was badly in need of a car due to move and getting a decent deal in these times feels really good :slight_smile:



Congrats, enjoy the new ride!

Enjoy the new ride!

After all the excitement, I had a flat tire and went to sam’s to fix it (i actually saw it when i was there). They said the tire cannot be fixed as the nail was on the side. They changed my tire to spare and I called my dealership and they said this wont be covered and I am better of getting it locally(1 hr drive). Is this true that these wont be covered even if it is next day? I actually had given the wheel to a local shop for a new goodyear tire(it was almost evening) but wanted to make sure I am doing the right thing doing this locally than dealership should cover for warranty?


What warranty? Tires are usually consumables and consumables are nearly never covered. Slippery slope from there, sounds like straight Florida luck.

Costco or Sam’s club is your friend for a new tire.

I thought so… But google said that dealers may replace it prorated?

Note, offer and tire shop. Not new car. This is Mazda warranty. Call the tire manufacturer not Mazda. If you’re lucky and are polite enough, they might cut you some slack and give you a good discount. But a nail is a road hazard incident, not a defect.
Note: sorry to hear about the flat, best of luck!

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At least the flat happened early, can just get another equivalent tire. If you have miles then it becomes a pain with awd

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Warranty covers manufacturing defects. So unless you can prove that Bridgestone put the nail in your tire…

Only if on the tread, that’s a side wall puncture, they don’t.
I had a car once for week and it had a sidewall issue, and I tried, and nopers.

So what I do is go the local America’s tire and get the tires warrantied right out of the dealer. Then I don’t need to worry about sidewall issues.

Mind sharing the dealer ?

Google doesn’t say that. Google says that the tire store you purchased a road hazard warranty from may cover the tire. Did you purchase a road hazard warranty from a tire store?

Thanks everyone for your inputs. It is not covered, I get it!