Last 2 dealers are fighting over the same vehicle

So I’ve been working on a deal this week and making some pretty good dives into it without mention of MSDs or even a friends/fam discount that I plan to tack on at the last minute. What’s giving me the best laughs from this whole process is that the dealers are both fighting for my business on the only vehicle left in the area - and i’m getting “lure-in” calls with special pricing if I come today, etc

being wanted is so nice, especially for a car sitting on the lot for well over a 100 days right now - dealer interest is compounding on their own loan to keep it there

my response to all - I’m not leaving my house until I get an offer sheet with said terms, then I’ll take them seriously :money_mouth_face:

You may take them seriously before that - when the only car in the area is sold.


hey, it wont be the end of the world - other deals will come

i did do my part, initially visited both dealers and talked numbers to show my intent was there, and had we came to a good initial figure, i would have moved fwd with the MSD and family incentive to seal it all. since we didnt get to that figure yet, they can call and tell me they’ll throw in whatever, however until i see that email or text of it to confirm, at home i stay

what I’ve also used as leverage when pricing cant be met is having them throw in accessories - tints, weather mats, bumper protections, sunshades, etc. items that I know I will eventually purchase but if they can toss them in without me paying ‘directly’ for it, I’ll go for it.

right now, they’re working on the accessories portion - numbers are still a bit in between us, but I’ve gotten tints, sunshade and cargo cover added. looking for weather mats or $10 off per month and i’ll be there to sign :+1:

Sure, as long as you don’t mind another car.

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i dont - win some, lose some. cant stay stuck on one car, you’ll walk out with a horrible lease IMO because you’re fixated on getting this one vehicle.

that said…i’m pretty confident I get this one tho - too much time invested from both dealers to let it go back into the lot and rack up more interest on the dealer loan.

dealers have to take a bad deal here and there to just move out of the situation with the car - this will be their bad deal, indicated that to both already :rofl:

Definitely wait until you get the deal sheet.

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It sounds like they are just doing the bare minimum to stay out of trouble at work.